About Us

Welcome to thefinancepoint.com!

In the Summer of 2020, when the world was baffled with a new and unseen danger, hammering down the entire finance markets. There was not even a single Stock Exchange across the world which was saved from the impact of deadly virus. Call it fear but the investors all across the market were flocking out of their long term investment, even though it meant losses.

During the same rough patch, an idea prodigy was born, with an aim to share research to all investors. This idea is what you are surfing on TheFinancePoint.com. The idea was simple, when the world has seen multiple pandemics, then why it couldnot survive this one.

Then an ex-banker and an IT enthusiast sat together to bring these threads together in form of education which is simple to read and understand. Often times, the Finance Jagran are quite complex to be understood by a layman.

The above two lead us to discover a way in which we can share Simple Finance Education to masses.

Our Mission

Our mission is Simplifying your Finance Knowledge through knowledge sharing articles and our research to help you reach your goal.

Our Vision

Our vision is have a world where people dream and achieve Financial Independence at early age.