6 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps In India

India is seeing a huge shift in consumer behavior with the advent of technology and e-commerce platforms. As more and more people continue seeking convenience and financial flexibility, the popularity of BNPL or Buy Now Pay Later apps has significantly surged.

Various digital applications have made the entire process of buying and financing easier and more available for the average consumer. Besides providing various credit and loan facilities, they have a huge potential to encourage economic growth in India.

Some of the leading platforms like Simpl, Lazypay, ZestMoney, and more are changing the face of the Indian fintech industry with their revolutionary ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ concept.

What Is the BNPL App?

As the name suggests, ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ means you can buy now and pay your dues later. This app allows users to make purchases and pay for them at a later date. The main motive is to provide short-term credit to consumers for making purchases without any immediate need for cash or credit cards. They work similarly to credit cards but without any physical card and often provide more transparent terms.

Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps In India

When any user shops through a BNPL app, the app pays for the purchase initially. Then the user is given a specific period, generally between 15 to 30 days or more depending on the service provider’s policy, to repay the sum without any interest. But, in case the user fails to pay back within the given time, some providers may charge a late fee or minimal interest.

How Does the BNPL App Work?

The whole process starts with the user signing up and creating an account on a BNPL app. After registering on the app, the user undergoes a fast credit check for approval. Post-approval, users may shop from different e-commerce platforms partnered with the BNPL app. At their checkout page, instead of selecting immediate payment options such as debit/credit cards or UPI, they will select the BNPL option.

The app then pays for orders instantly, and the user will pay back the amount to the BNPL app within the stipulated time period. The entire concept aims to create a win-win situation for both the consumers and the businesses by driving immediate sales while providing customers with the ease of staggered payments.

1. Simpl

Simpl is a Bangalore-based startup business that initiated the concept of BNPL first in 2016. The best part about Simpl is its transparency. The bill amount will display the exact same amount you have paid. There are no extra hidden charges.

  • Simpl works as a credit card without any actual card.
  • It allows you to make a purchase and enables you to pay for it later, simplifying the transaction process.
  • Anybody can easily get the BNPL option, even a person with zero credit history.
  • Offers one-tap checkout, preventing users from needing to enter card details for each transaction.
  • At the end of the credit cycle, Simpl will send a consolidated bill of all your purchases.
  • Referral program.

2. Lazypay

Lazypay is yet another BNPL service offered by PayUIndia. Lazypay is popular for its various offers and discount programs on different eCommerce websites. Layzpay just like Simpl provides an instant credit limit, though initially the credit can be low, but will be increased if your repayment is on time.

  • Enables users to shop now and pay later, providing credit between INR 1,000 to 10,000.
  • Lazypay can be used on various platforms such as Swiggy, BookMyShow, Zomato, etc.
  • Comes with flexible repayment options. Consumers can make one-time payments or pay in 3 EMIs.
  • LazyPay Credit Shield is a unique feature that provides protection against online fraud.

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3. ZestMoney

ZestMoney is yet another Bengaluru-based startup company that started in 2016. ZestMoney allows you to buy high-priced products without using a credit card on Virtual EMI. The startup is partnered with many NBFCs in India, this app enables you to pay your outstanding dues within three to twelve month EMIs. You also get a 0% interest rate when you select a three month EMI period.

  • Zestmoney provides users the chance to buy expensive products and pay for them in monthly installments.
  • Available on various platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, and many more.
  • Zero prepayment penalty. This means a person can close their loan anytime without paying extra.
  • Customized EMI tenure as per your convenience.
  • Customers can repay the amount within 3 to 4 months.

4. PostPe

Postpe is a BNPL app that enables users to buy products and services without paying. And consumers can make the payment later with that. There are cashback facilities provided on the app that prove to be highly beneficial for the users.

  • The approval will be done within five minutes, hence it is very quick and instant.
  • Credit limit can go up to INR 1000 to INR 10,00,000.
  • Flexible EMI is provided.
  • There is no penalty on early and partial payment.

5. SnapMint

Snapmint provides short-term loans to consumers in India. This app provides a wide range of loan products, like personal loans, two-wheeler loans, and consumer durable loans.

  • Allows for online shopping on major eCommerce websites and offers flexible EMI options to repay.
  • Snapmit aims at making credit accessible to everyone and thus doesn’t need any credit history.
  • No EMI on early repayments.
  • No hidden charges.

6. Axio

Axio, earlier known as Capital Float, is a popular consumer digital lending firm or NBFC, offering credit management options on Amazon Pay Later. The app offers three in one services in one single place, –Pay Later, Expense Tracker, and Digital Loan. Axio BNPL activation process is very easy, just like other apps mentioned above.

  • Zero processing & pre-closure charges.
  • Get instant approval.
  • You can track your expenses
  • Offers complete paperless and digital sanctioning services.


Many ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ apps have emerged in India, thus making purchases hassle-free and simpler. Apps like Simpl, Zestmoney, Snapmint, Axio, and PostPe provide an amazing platform for users to shop now and pay for their purchases in installments later on.

All the mentioned apps offer financial flexibility and allow users to manage their spending efficiently. Always remember to use these services very wisely to avoid debt and maintain good financial health.

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