ZestMoney Review 2024

Today, buying an electronic device has become a simple task, one can easily buy anything from an online shopping website, but the only difficult part is arranging the money. If you’re earning a decent salary then it will not be very difficult to purchase things online on an EMI system.

Still, some people aren’t eligible for easy EMI because of poor track records and credit scores. Well, that is when ZestMoney comes to help you and make this task easy for you. You might be wondering what is ZestMoney? It’s a wonderful app that will help you clear your EMI problem. 

In this ZestMoney review, we will check everything about ZestMoney, how it works, how to apply, eligibility, and many more things. Without wasting any time, let’s get started to know more about this app.

What is ZestMoney?

ZestMoney Review

ZestMoney is a leading fintech company that is mainly involved in consumer lending all over India. This company was established in the year 2015 and right from then it has successfully managed to create a platform to improve the lives of many households all over the nation. This mainly caters to people who don’t have any credit cards and other finance modes because of their poor credit history.

ZestMoney makes use of mobile technology that helps to engage in digital banking by using AI to further make sure that consumers will have a comfortable lifestyle. It engages in various means to make sure customers are getting in touch with the relevant lending partners and managing a great credit history.

An innovative technology that ZestMoney uses helps consumers by offering affordable finance options. The company was recently pioneered by the World Economic Forum.

Consumers who very limited and poor credit records can make most of the products offered by ZestMoney. This company boasts of financial backing from several leading global investors.

The ZestMoney app helps you to pay EMIs even though you don’t have a solid credit record or credit card. Its payment process is online, and cart amounts are paid in easy EMIs.

How to Apply For ZestMoney EMI?

  • First, register on the ZestMoney official website and know your credit limit.
  • Then apply for the ZestMoney account after checkout at the partner merchant.
  • Note that you have to update a few basic details about you at the registration time. It includes income proof and various other employment details.

ZestMoney will initiate the risk analysis based on your given information and you will receive your eligibility notification.

After the registration procedure is done and final approval is done by the company, you are allotted the credit limit. The amount you spend on easy EMI must be in your credit limit.

Why to Choose ZestMoney?

Given are some reasons why you must choose ZestMoney:

  • EMI with zero interest- When choosing a 3-month EMI program for purchases done with gift cards, and take the benefit of no interest for 3 to 18 months of their EMI schedule.
  • Streamlined payments- When SI or NACH is configured, ZestMoney gathers the EMIs.
  • Select from a wide range of EMI plans that suit your payback term.
  • Free pre-closure –EMI can easily be cancelled without any extra charges.
zestmoney website

Important Features of ZestMoney

The primary benefit of the ZestMoney application is customers may easily apply for EMIs without any possession of the credit card:

  • Approval will be instant, or the maximum time is 24 hours tops.
  • Opening your account in the ZestMoney app is hassle-free and simple.
  • EMIs are flexible and easy to set as per your customer needs.
  • This app doesn’t have any prepayment penalties
  • The ZestMoney app is transparent and understood easily by the customers
  • No hidden charges.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To qualify for ZestMoney EMI, you have to be between 18 to 65 years and you need to be a resident of India & have a bank account, Aadhaar card, and PAN card.
  • On providing the PAN details, the CIBIL score can be assessed easily to determine your approved limit.

Steps to Get a ZestMoney Personal Loan

Consumers with credit limits only can avail of instant loans from ZestMoney. Thus, if you do not have the ZestMoney credit limit, then register at ZestMoney & activate the credit limit.

  • Visit the Sign-up page of ZestMoney 
  • Feed in your phone number
  • Click on Get OTP and you will get the OTP
  • Enter the given OTP and verify (you can also directly log in through the Google account)
  • Activate the credit limit after completing your entire profile.
  • Give your personal information (Name, DOB and continue by providing your Address and PIN code and click to continue, enter your AAHAAR CARD and PAN CARD numbers.) and Employment details.
  • Ensure you submit your KYC details set the repayment and activate your limit.
  • Now you can shop with ZestMoney merchant partners & use your credit limit.

When you shop with ZestMoney selected merchant partners with repayments then you are eligible for getting an instant personal loan from ZestMoney.

When you are qualified to avail loan without submitting extra documents, you may avail loan through ZestMoney.


Why did my application get rejected even after making the down payment?

There could be a few reasons that your application got rejected you didn’t provide the necessary documents or updated your application form incorrectly. If it happens after the down payment, then the company may initiate the total refund within the next 48 hours, with no extra fees. The refunded amount will come into your bank account within 7 working days.

Does ZestMoney offer an interest-free loan?

Yes, ZestMoney provides interest-free loans for 3 months. But, you may levy certain interest & processing charges once you extend the loan post that.

How to switch to a different EMI plan with ZestMoney?

No, you cannot switch to a different EMI loan in the middle. If you want to change the EMI tenure, you need to repay your EMIs beforehand without getting charged any extra fees.

How to pay with ZestMoney?

For paying ZestMoney, just select an EMI option at the checkout and select ZestMoney EMI as the payment mode.


ZestMoney offers instant EMI loans with a completely online process; the users have also observed much higher approval rates with ZestMoney.

Though there are a few downsides to choosing ZestMoney including higher interest rates, if you have no formal financing choices because of unstable credit history, then ZestMoney is the best option for you.

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