5 Best Books on GST in India 2024

GST in India is an enormous reform for indirect taxation, the resemblance of which the country has never seen after Independence. Therefore, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will facilitate indirect taxation, eliminate the cascading effect, and curtail complications.

According to the experts, GST has an immense impact on both small and large businesses. This is how the Indian economy functions have changed the way! So, you must be curious about learning GST in a better way! Books are the best-in-class options for knowledge enhancement.

Are you looking for top-notch books on GST? Out of thousands of books available in the market, which ones are worth readable? How do you pick one despite such vast collections of GST books?

This article has summed up the best books on GST, which will let you know the detailed understanding of GST Law of India, GST Tariff, latest GST provisions, GST Act, and rules.

These books will facilitate learning, and all the rules are closely intertwined for seamless navigation. Let’s look at the top books on GST!

Best Books on GST

5 Best Books on GST in India

After profound research, we have listed the GST books! This list not only includes suitable books for students but also is highly recommended for expert accountants. By considering these books, anyone can improve their knowledge regarding taxation and GST.

1. Taxmann’s GST Acts with Rules & Forms

Taxmann’s GST Acts with Rules & Forms

Taxmann’s GST Acts is one of the best books and is often termed the GST Bible. This book serves the best knowledge to those who want to evaluate and understand every facet of trade law and taxation in India. It has showcased crucial annotations like UTGST, CGST, IGST, and significant compensation to the states’ acts. Therefore, it is followed by presenting the actual data from the official sources with no interpretations and alterations. However, such annotations include top-notch rules about referred forms, associated laws cited, implementation dates, and regulations about every section.

Moreover, such information is sensibly divided into countless sections to impede misinterpretation among the voracious readers. From profound knowledge on the official GST implementation in the Indian economy to organizing all the pertinent rules and notifications to date, this book has covered all! So, it seamlessly presents detailed data on the current Indian taxation to cover all the major aspects with brilliant information. In a nutshell, this book maintains its best pace with the recent GST guidelines by informing every detail to the readers. This is how it becomes a well-documented GST title.


  • Language: English
  • Author: Not mentioned
  • Publisher: Taxmann Publication (2020)
  • Length of the book: 1012 Pages


  • Every aspect is methodically compartmentalized to avoid the baffling condition
  • Dates specified allow map a GST system timeline and how it was reformed
  • Officially released data represented in a streamlined way
  • Supplementary data of federal laws and other details widen our knowledge of the Indian taxation system
  • Allied format to communicate the complex details of the complicated system clearly


  • Not a single example is provided for the readers to understand how the stated rules would affect the recent economy

2. Student’s Guide to Income Tax Including GST

Student’s Guide to Income Tax Including GST

The best GST book is written by Dr. Vinod Singhania and Dr. Monica Singhania. They have come up with the 65th successful Edition of the book. Are you inquisitive about knowing the nitty-gritty of income tax along with the Indian GST structure? This book is the perfect solution for the students and anyone who want to know everything works in the taxation system. Being a comprehensive guide, we found this book extremely different and unique.

Moreover, it is well-written for the students and can easily be comprehended by an amateur. All the complicated tax laws are seamlessly elaborated with valuable examples to make everything perceivable. However, the book contains 1020 pages, which is pretty long.

The authors organize the things beautifully with numerous examples, statistical data, graphs, and analysis. Therefore, with the flowchart illustrations, GST learning becomes much more comprehensible.


  • Language: English
  • Print Length: 1020 Pages
  • Publisher: Taxmann; 65th Edition (2021-2022)
  • Author: Dr. Vinod Singhania and Dr. Monica Singhania


  • Pretty amazing book to acquire knowledge about taxation and GST
  • Profound knowledge summed up in one book
  • A top-notch guide for students for upcoming exam preparation
  • Paragraph numbering makes it hassle-free to read


  • An expensive book
  • The very bulky book consists of 1020 pages

3. GST Guide For Students: Making GST – Good & Simple Tax

GST Guide For Students: Making GST - Good & Simple Tax

After looking at this book’s pages written by CA Vivek KR Agrawal, you will be astonished that you can acquire full-fledged knowledge about the GST Tax Law. Such an unrivaled book has made the complicated GST Law hassle-free and understandable to everyone.

Are you a beginner who wanted to know every minute detail about the GST of India? This GST Manual with GST Law Guide is precisely drafted for the students and beginners to get a transparent notion of GST. Moreover, this book is an absolute reader’s delight as the easy-to-read languages are used for the layman.

Well, taxation is not a simple subject! But, having this book right in your hand made the understanding simpler. On the other hand, we have found that every aspect of the GST tax has been seamlessly covered in this book.

Furthermore, novice readers can easily get attracted to this book due to its straightforward and organized writing style. Leading concepts like TDS, registration, TCS, taxation, penalties, return fillings, and intra-state tax undertaking are illustrated in simple language. For a good illustration of the theories, you will find flowcharts and diagrams. All these make the GST and taxation much more enjoyable!  


  • Language: English
  • Print Length: 126 pages
  • Publisher: Neelam Book House (2020)
  • Author: CA Vivek Kr. Agrawal


  • A budget-friendly book
  • Covers all the GST aspects
  • Advantageous for startups to gain more knowledge on GST


  • It’s a beginner book and not for professionals

4. GST for the Layman: How it Impacts Your Daily Life

GST for the Layman- How it Impacts Your Daily Life

The GST for the Layman sums up all the GST information and the primary causes and concepts in a simplistic language. Therefore, it will be hassle-free for the layman to understand the interpretations.

If you are a beginner, this book is an excellent read if you want to know the elementary concepts of taxation and how they drastically impact our daily lives. The author of this book is Apeksha Solanki, who has added serious charm and value-added information for people, regardless of their economics knowledge.

However, all the leading concepts are explained straightforwardly. Also, the complex “economic” jargon is streamlined for the novice reader. This is how they can quickly grasp the topic without any issues. The information is categorized into distinct sections for the ease of the readers. Also, several examples are there from everyday life, which makes the book pretty enjoyable and exciting. Do you want to know more about the core concepts of taxation?

This book will be a valuable one for the general public and students. All the topics are nicely elaborated and accompanied by graphs, bullets, and diagrams to add charm to the readers. Grab your copy now from Amazon!


  • Language: English
  • Print Length: 262 pages
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury India
  • Author: Apeksha Solanki


  • Consists of numerous examples from day-to-day lives for seamless understanding
  •  Not highly complicated elaborates the elementary concepts of taxation pretty well
  • Superior GST book for novices


  • Not recommended for the professionals

5. GST Ready Reckoner

GST Ready Reckoner

The book “GST Ready Reckoner” is written by the author V.S. Datey. It is one of the best books to help professionals and students learn crucial aspects of GST and the Indian Taxation system. This professional book discusses tax charges, tax invoices, GST returns, the input of tax credit, e-way billing, and many more.

Moreover, this fantastic book also adds transitional provisions, reverse changes, appeals and penalties, anti-profiteering, and many more things. Apart from being a bulky book containing 1040 pages, everyone admires this book due to its detail-specific approach to leading GST taxation.

The updated version of this GST book discusses the Indian GST structure in 2021. Hence, it will be a handy guide for the students preparing for the exams due to its simple written language. Not only the students but also the book is recommendable for the professionals.

All the central points have been seamlessly incorporated into this guide, making it a worthy book to purchase. In a nutshell, the book is articulated as it has kept the reader’s desire in mind.


  • Language: English
  • Print Length: 1116 pages
  • Publisher: Taxmann 16th Edition 2021
  • Author: V.S. Datey


  • An upgraded version of GST 2021
  • Valuable for both beginners and professionals
  • Easy-to-read languages are used


  • Not for those professionals who are seeking information regarding case studies


GST plays a crucial part in our country as it deals with all the daily financial data. As it is currently inaugurated in India, people are perplexed about the GST principles. Are you a working professional or a student? Do you want to infuse more knowledge in you?

The aforementioned list of the 5 best books on GST is worth considering! These best GST books help them hone their skills and help them acquire complete knowledge of how India’s financial sector works!

Well, hope this article is fathomable to you! Do you know more GST books apart from these lists? Kindly share your thoughts by commenting below!

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