5 Best Credit Cards for Students in India

Student credit cards, a type of credit card, are specially designed to cater diverse financial needs of college students who have attained the minimum age of 18. The best credit cards for students in India come with various features and benefits, including interest-free loan repayment time, exciting reward points, several cashback and discount offers, and lower interest rates with a validity tenure of up to 5 years. The student credit card application form does not require income proof or long-documentation work. Instead, these forms can be filled quickly by providing basic documents like Aadhaar & PAN card. Here are some popular and widely used student credit cards in India and their key benefits.

Best Credit Cards for Students in India

1. SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card

SBI’s this credit card is solely designed for students who have availed of an education loan facility from any of SBI’s branches to pursue higher studies. Students with FD accounts in the nearest branch of SBI are also eligible to get SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card. The credit card offers benefits like zero annual and renewal fees, impressive reward points, surcharge waivers, lower interest rates, and EMIs.


  • Earn cash reward points on spending through SBI’s credit card.
  • Avail of up to 80% cash withdrawal limit provided by the bank.
  • Users can use earned reward points to pay off monthly EMIs.
  • Students also get a 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver on Indian petrol pumps.
  • Offer up to 10x prize points on international payments.
  • SBI Student Plus credit card has over 24 million Indian and international users.
  • There is no annual maintenance charge if you purchase over Rs 35,000 a year.

2. ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

If you want to study abroad and require a reliable credit card to meet your financial needs, ICICI Bank’s Student Travel Card is a perfect option. This student credit card lets you pay your application and course fee online or through physical swipe mode. It’s useful in managing your day-to-day expenses and paying for shopping in stores that accept Mastercard. With this credit card for students, you can also avail of an international student identity card (ISIC) membership that will help you get discount deals in over 130 countries.


  • Safe and convenient credit card for students.
  • Offer attractive discount deals in over 130 countries and 1,20,000 merchant locations.
  • Give access to exciting offers from ICICI Bank’s alliance.
  • Provide easy cash withdrawal facility from over 1.5 million ATMs of Mastercard.
  • It comes with comprehensive travel insurance along with 24/7 customer support.

3. Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme

Bihar Student Credit Card is one of the best credit cards in India for students of Bihar. Any students who have attained age 18, passed their inter or 12th class, and are willing to enroll in college for degree courses like B.Sc., B.A., and MBBS can apply for this student credit card. Users of BSCCS get up to Rs 4 lakh of credit that they can use to pay college fees and utilize other educational resources.


  • The credit card is available for students of Bihar willing to pursue college and polytechnic studies.
  • There is only a 1% of interest rate for girls, differently abled, and transgender students.
  • The loan can be used to pay college fees, buy books, laptops, and other educational materials.
  • Students can repay used loan money once they complete the course and get a job.

4. HDFC ForexPlus Card

Another best student credit card in India is HDFC ForexPlus. It allows Indian students to study abroad and meet their financial requirements by accessing necessary funds in local currency. Like other student credit cards, HDFC ForexPlus initiates a transaction for users’ accounts in HDFC Bank directly. The card can be used by merchants that accept payment using Mastercard or Visa.


  • No need to be a regular customer of HDFC Bank.
  • Users are not required to deal with issues arising from swinging market rates.
  • It makes funds available in ten different currencies.
  • It comes with chip-based security and no-cost insurance coverage.
  • Offer exciting benefits on the purchase of books, food, and accommodation.
  • The credit card can be used in over 130 different countries.

5. Kotak Silk Inspire Credit Card

Kotak Silk Inspire Credit Card is specially designed for students who love shopping for apparel from preferred stores. The card offers up to 5% (maximum of Rs 500) cashback on monthly purchases of over Rs 7,500. If you want to avail of this student credit card in India, you must have a Rs 50,000 fixed deposit in Kotak Mahindra Bank. The bank charges Rs 599 as a joining fee and Rs 599 as a maintenance charge that can be waived if you spend over Rs 1,25,000 per year using Kotak Mahindra’s student credit card. 


  • Exciting reward points of up to 5% on retail spending of up to Rs 7,500.
  • The annual maintenance charge can be waived on the annual spending of Rs 1,25,000.
  • One reward point equals 1 JPMile and Rs 0.45, meaning 1000 reward points equal Rs 450.
  • Kotak Mahindra’s credit card also offers a fuel surcharge waiver of up to Rs 3,5000 a year. 


There are a variety of credit cards available in India for students, and all offer a range of benefits to users needed to meet their financial needs. Today, we discussed some of the best student credit cards in India that charge low-interest rates and offer maximum benefits to users. If you use these credit cards properly, you can easily meet your monthly financial requirements and avail yourself of several benefits without paying extra.

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