CRED Review 2024 – Is CRED App Safe?

Do you use credit cards and also live in India? Then you might have listened to the name of the CRED app. It is an application for android and iOS users living in India. It helps people to pay their credit card bills and also provides reward features for them. Thus, if you also want to know more about this application available in your Play Store, read this article.

In this article, you will explore the CRED app, how you can install it, and understand whether it is safe to use or not. We will also discover a lot more things; hence, stay tuned with this post.

CRED Review

What is CRED Application?

CRED app is a mobile application that is designed to simplify the payment procedure of credit card bills. Install this application and use it for paying your credit card bills. You will get cashback coupons and various reward points. However, you can get these reward points only if you make your credit cards timely. Moreover, it supports the credit card of almost every financial institution and bank.

You might wonder why you people use the CRED app if several banks and NBFCs have their applications to simplify the payment procedure. CRED application uses a different payment approach when it comes to making payments. And this procedure is more straightforward compared to other applications. The users of this application can make payments for their cards with the linked mobile numbers. And it also provides a secure transaction experience with the option of making payment for multiple credit cards.

Benefits of Using CRED Application?

There are some key features of this application that users can get when they pay for their cards. Let’s understand some key features and benefits you get with this application.

1. Offer Secure Payment Option

CRED App is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and does not allow any security breach. Moreover, the transaction you make using this application stays completely safe.

2. Attractive Cashback

Whenever you pay for your credit card bills, you get cashback and gift coupons. That is amazing if you want to get rewards for making payments. And if you get any cashback, then it gets transferred into the bank account you are using.

3. Redeemable Reward Coins

You also get redeemable coins that you can use for buying online stuff of your choice for the payment. Moreover, refer to this application, and someone installs it using your referral. You will also get these coins. And it can be used as coupons to get discounts and exciting benefits.

4. Find Credit Score At Any Time

It also has a feature to check your credit score and report. You can access this information at any time you need to check it without having any extra cost.

Who Can Use CRED Application?

CRED Application is for the creditworthy people who live in India and are willing to simplify their credit card payment procedure. To use it, you need to apply to be a member by filling up the digital CRED form. Once you complete and submit your form, then the team of CRED will review and approve.

Once your application gets approved, then you will get eligible to use this application and make payment against the credit card bills. However, before you apply here, you need to meet some eligibility criteria mentioned below.

You need to have a good credit score; only then will you get approval on this app. If you have a credit score of 750, you can quickly get approved and start using the CRED platform.

If you are 18 years or above, you can apply to become a member of the CRED club.

Also, you will be responsible for making timely payments using this platform.

Is CRED App Safe to Use?

CRED App has implemented all the security measures and certified PCI DSSv3.2.1. It has followed all the security measures required by the PCI council that helps in protecting customers’ data. Also, it is secured as per the UPI compliance required by the concerned authorities, which is NPCI.

Moreover, it is also a certified company as per the regulations of RBI or the Reserve Bank of India. In short, it is a secure application, does not steal your money nor your data. However, it is as secure as you use google’s products like email without any fear.

In short, it is a secure application that you can use for your credit card bill payment without worrying about security breaches.

How Does CRED App Work?

Below are the steps on how the CRED APP works, so read these steps to understand the working process of this application. 

  • First, you apply to become a member of the CRED club by filling the CRED form.
  • Once you get approval, then you start using this application to pay the credit card bills.
  • After every credit card bill payment, you get reward points and cashback.
  • And when you get these reward points, you can either transfer cashback into your account or use coupons to buy the things.

How Can CRED Help You to Improve Your Credit Score?

You have understood how CRED works and whether using CRED is safe or not. So, now let’s talk about how CRED helps you to increase your credit score.

CRED APP allows its user to check their credit score at any time without charging any extra amount. It also provides essential information by which the user can get an idea to improve the credit score. There is an option called “Refresh Score” by clicking on it, you can find your latest credit score.

If there is a low credit score, you can work on the low-scoring terms mentioned there. And working on these terms or elements, you can quickly boost your credit score and improve your creditworthiness.


CRED App is an android and iOS-based application designed to simplify the payment approach of credit card bills. Because of its simplicity and attractive cashback and reward system, many people use it. They can redeem their rewards and use coupons to get discounts to save their money. Also, it is one of the secure applications and encrypted with 256-bit encryption.

Hence, if you use credit cards frequently and use cashback or gift coupons. You can consider this application to make payment for credit card bills.

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