6 Best Stock Market News Apps in India 2024

Are you looking for the best stock market news apps in India? In this article, you will know about the best and top-rated android and iOS applications that will simplify your research to stay updated with the fresh trends.

As a stock marketer and investor in the Indian stock market, you do your best to stay tuned with the latest investment and marketing news. But it is a very complex and time-consuming process if you do without having the best stock market news app.

Thus, considering your requirement in this article, I have come up with the best stock market news apps in India. You must install and keep reading news there so you can also benefit from attractive investment and trading opportunities.

Best Stock Market News Apps in India

Stock Market News Apps

1. Economic Times

Economic Times is one of India’s best stock market new apps that can be installed on your smartphones. It has over one million downloads and 4.7 ratings given by 52,000 users. Hence it can be a great application if you keep reading about high-quality and essential information about the stock market.

In this application, you get the latest updates and all the news you get in a well categorized and organized manner. Hence you can consider this application to build some great information about the share market.

Why Install Economic Times?

  • It provides up-to-date information about NSE and BSE with live share price information.
  • You can find several tips for intraday trading and find much information about futures and other securities.
  • If you want to stay updated with mutual funds information, then it is the solution you should look for.

2. Moneycontrol

Moneycontrol is one of India’s best stock market news apps because it has gained over 10 million downloads and 4.1 average ratings from 3,60,000 people. It will maximize your chances to make better trading and investing decisions. Because it keeps you updated with the fresh and versatile stock market news that you can get within your smartphone.

Its dashboard is simple to use, but still, there are thousands of interesting and helpful news to maximize your trading expertise. Here you can read about the financial market of India and worldwide, various assets listed in BSE, MCX, and NSE. You can also know about stocks, commodities, currencies, futures, and mutual funds.

Why Install Moneycontrol?

  • It has a simple and easy-to-use user dashboard that allows effective navigation of the information.
  • You get the latest and authenticated information about mutual funds, stocks, NSE, BSE, and more.
  • It keeps you updated with all-day news about the interviews with management and other senior officers who have expertise in the stock market.

3. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is another good name when it comes to getting stock market news. After installing this application, you need to choose English India to get finance and business news about the Indian stock market. It has obtained over 10 million downloads on the play store and a 4.1 rating from 1,75,000 users.

You get a personalized experience while using this stock market news app on your smartphone. Moreover, its application is available for the android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Hence, whatever device you use, this app will work for you to help you update you with stock market news.

Why Install Yahoo Finance?

  • You get real-time information about stocks and other securities.
  • There is an option to follow the ideal stocks that you care about and get a personalized experience.
  • You can compare the stocks using a full-screen stock comparison chart.

4. BSE India

BSE India is also the best stock market news app in India and its official application of Bombay Stock Exchange. Several exciting features make it different from other stock market news apps.

 It provides information about the corporate announcement, meetings of the board, and detailed statistics of the stock market. Thus, if you want to find detailed information about the various stocks, it is the best application you can install on your device.

Why Download BSE India?

  • It is the official application of the Bombay Stock Exchange, which is Asia’s first exchange.
  • It provides detailed information on corporate actions, board meetings, and more.
  • By reading its news, you can understand when you should buy or sell the shares.

5. CNBC TV 18 App

It is also a tremendous and reliable application to stay in touch with the stock market news. It provides 360-degree information about the stock and finance market. Moreover, it covers trading strategies, stocks, technology, finance, and many other industries. It also has the option to watch live streaming whenever you think it fits.

By installing this application, you can help the expert’s thoughts and their recommended investment strategies. Here you can find the video clips that you can watch and grab the latest information.

Why Install CNBC?

  • It is one of the most reliable and trusted finance and business news applications in India.
  • You get verified information in the form of video clips.
  • There are several expert investment tips that you can watch and improve your trading strategies.

6. NDTV Profit

NDTV Profit app is also a great application that can help you to get the latest news. It provides in-depth coverage of the finance market and business world. Also, you can find news on the stock market, stories, and budget news to help build robust trading strategies. Moreover, you can change the quotes of the live stocks and also their historical charts.

Why Install NDTV Profit?

  • It also ensures providing trusted news about finance and the corporate world.
  • You can compare the prices of shares using their historical charts.
  • You get top investment news and success stories to keep you motivated as a trader or investor.


So, these are the best stock market news apps in India that you can install and start reading the latest and authenticated news about the stock market. We discussed leading stock market news applications, including Economic Times, Moneycontrol, Yahoo Finance, and more. I hope you all have learned about this application and have decided to download one of these applications.

You can install these best stock market news apps in India by searching their name in the play store. Hence, if you understand this article was helpful, check out our other articles to gain robust knowledge about the Indian stock market.

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