HDFC Securities Review 2024

HDFC Securities, a full-service stock broker in India, was registered and established in 2000. This leading full-service stock broker is the subsidiary company of HDFC Bank. It allows its clients to trade in various instruments like shares, bonds, F&Os, and mutual funds. This stock broker is registered with SEBI to provide its trading services for various exchanges, including BSE, NSE, and MCX.

Moreover, this stock broker has provided its customers with various tools and platforms to help them execute stock trading activities smoothly. It also allows its clients to invest in various securities through call and trade facilities or by visiting the nearest branch.

HDFC Securities

HDFC provides over 30 investing products and has a more than 18 lakh customer base in India. The brokerage charges of HDFC Securities vary from 0.10% per trade for delivery to Rs 20 per trade for derivatives. HDFC provides a 3-in-1 account facility that includes savings, trading, and Demat accounts.

HDFC Securities Brokerage Charges

  • It charges 0.50% (0.75% for NRI) or Rs 25 (Rs 100 for NRI) or the highest of 2.5% of transaction value on delivery buy and sell.
  • It charges 0.10% or Rs 25 or 2.25% of transaction value on square-off trades in cash and carries scripts.
  • There is 0.05% or Rs 25 or 2.5% on transaction value deduction amount on square-off trade margin scripts.
  • The platform charges 0.05% or a minimum of Rs 25 or 2.5% of the transaction value for non-square-off trades in derivatives; the charges are applicable on both buy and sell activities.
  • It also charges 0.025% or Rs 25 or a maximum of 2.5% of the transaction value for square-off trades in derivatives.
  • The platform charges 1% of the premium amount of Rs 100 for the derivatives option market for each lot.
  • It has trading account opening charges of Rs 999 but does not charge any maintenance fee for it.
  • HDFC Securities charges Rs 750 per annum as Demat account maintenance charges. However, there is no fee for opening a Demat account and no maintenance charge for the first year.

HDFC Securities Tools & Platforms

HDFC Securities has provided its customers with various stock trading platforms and tools. Below we have briefly introduced this available stock trading software from HDFC Securities.

Mobile App

HDFC Securities has a mobile app available for Android and iOS users. This advanced technology-based mobile application provides seamless trading through key features like real-time charts, technical charting, wish lists, and improved UI. This app is also useful for users willing to invest in IPOs and get the latest market updates.

Pro Terminal

HDFC Securities Pro Terminal is a premium desktop trading software developed for traders and analysts willing to conduct accurate trading activities. The software can maintain high speed and provide accurate insight for making high-volume trading activities. It is built with real-time insights and features like sentiment, market, and predictive data analysis. Although, there is a subscription fee for the trader willing to get access to this trading platform.

Web Platform

Its web-based trading platform works properly in most web browsers, such as Chrome. The platform is easy to access and allows traders to trade shares, derivatives, currencies, and derivatives. This web-based trading software is very powerful and ensures a seamless experience.

HDFC Securities Website


HDFC Securities Digify is a dedicated investment platform for mutual fund investors. The platform ensures a 100% online investment facility in various mutual fund schemes. It allows you to invest your money in direct and regular mutual fund schemes. Moreover, there is a monthly SIP and lumpsum investment option without adding extra cost.


This platform allows investors to invest their money for long-term returns. It provides various theme-based investment facilities to get good returns in the future. The platform has baskets of several stocks that are suggested by market experts and based on deep research to ensure good returns at low-risk potential.

How to Create Demat Account with HDFC Securities?

You will require to follow the below-mentioned steps to create a Demat account with HDFC Securities. 

  • First, visit HDFC Securities’ official website and click the Open Account button.
  • Enter your mobile number and verify with a mobile OTP.
  • Now provide an Email address and verify this as well with OTP.
  • After doing this, add the PAN card and other details that are asked in the given form.
  • Verify all the details and complete the KYC process to proceed further.
  • At this step, e-sign by adding an Aadhaar number and verifying the same with OTP.
  • Once you complete these steps, you will get a login credential, and you can start doing trade in the share market.

Advantages of HDFC Securities

Here are some key benefits of using HDFC Securities for stock trading activities.

  • It provides the facility to invest in most asset classes available in NSE, BSE, and MCX.
  • It has free mobile and web-based applications to assist its customers in trading.
  • This stock broker has also provided an advanced feature-rich trading terminal.
  • The platform does not charge any brokerage fees on mutual fund investments.
  • This full-service stock broker ensures up to Rs 5 lakh quick cash out.
  • Investing in US-based companies seems easy with their trading facilities.
  • HDFC Securities is known for its top-class research facility.
  • There are advanced orders like cover and bracket orders.
  • The platform also provides a margin trading facility.

Disadvantages of HDFC Securities

Here are some disadvantages of using HDFC Securities for stock trading.

  • It charges at least Rs 25 as a brokerage charge.
  • The stock trading charges on this full-service stock brokerage are pretty high.
  • The Demat account maintenance fee is also higher than the competitors.
  • The ProTerminal platform is paid, while other brokers provide it for free.


HDFC Securities is one of India’s leading full-service stock brokers, providing top-class stock trading and investing facilities for investors. The platform is highly suitable for long-term investors as its research-based insights are highly valued and used by experienced investors and traders. However, if you are looking for a stock broker to participate in day trades, it’s good to look for discount brokers. Also, the platform might not be suitable if you are a beginner or just entering the stock market to trade and make a profit. The platform has higher brokerage fees and Demat account maintenance charges.

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