9 Highest Return Stocks Last 20 Years India

Many stocks in the Indian share market are available, increasing your wealth multiple times if you do it wisely. 

Once upon a time, Warren Buffet said that if you can not invest in stock for the next ten years, then think about owning for 10 minutes. And now you can understand the importance of investing in the stock market with a rational approach. 

In today’s article, we will discuss the best-performing stocks that have given the highest returns in the last 20 years. Hence, if you are interested in the share market and are willing to know about these best-performing stocks. Then stay here on this investment strategy-changing list of Indian stocks.

Highest Return Stocks Last 20 Years India

Highest Return Stocks Last 20 Years India

1. Asian Paints Ltd

Asian Paints Ltd is Mumbai, Maharashtra Based company in India that was founded in 1945. This company’s portfolio produces products related to paints, coating, and other home decor-related products. Currently, it is one of Asia’s largest paint companies which has over 50% share in the market. From the last five months, its shares are surging at 25% and seen a rise of 13% in the Bombay Stock Exchange. 

Thus, it can be a profitable stock to invest in BSE or NSE, whichever you prefer. Because from the last 20 years it has shown tremendous growth in terms of offering value to its shareholders. 

2. Bajaj Finance Ltd

BAF or Bajaj Finance Ltd is the finance providing company which is also called Bajaj Auto Finance. It provides financing services for two-wheelers, housing, infrastructure, business, and construction. Now it has become the ideal and durable lender for huge customers in India. 

The stock has provided over 57.7% return in the last ten years only. Thus, you can expect how much return the 20year old stockholders have gained. 

3. Wipro Ltd

Wipro Ltd is also the company that has raised its shares multiple times. This company is located in Bengaluru, which is in the Karnataka State of India. It is an IT, consulting, and business progress service providing company. And it was formed in 1945; it also provides software services that contribute around 90% of its total sales.

Its current shares are trading at Rs Rs298.55 each, making a profit worth Rs2483 crores annually. Thus, it took fourth place in the list of best highest return stocks for the last 20 years in India because of these reasons. 

4. Reliance Industries Ltd

Reliance Industries Ltd is another well known stock that is also headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was established in 1973 and works around power energy, natural resources, textile, and telecommunication. Soon they are willing to work in many other industries as well. Hence, if you want to invest in one of the most valuable shares, it can be the right choice. RIL got 148th rank on the Fortune Global 500, and this list came out in 2018. 

And now you can think about how big this organization is and where it can take your investment in the long term. Investors of it in BSE gain approx 6.4%, and this stock is trailed on 22.7%, which is again an impressive thing. As per the company’s report, it gets an 18.6% hike every year in terms of sales, and current sales cross Rs1,38,658 crores. 

5. Britannia Industries Ltd.

BIL or Britannic Industries Ltd mainly deals in biscuits and is based in Bangalore. This industry is part of the Wadia Group, and the BIL’s primary source of enormous revenue is making biscuits. Now they offer bread, rusk, cakes, and many other dairy products. 

But the biscuit business of this company provides over 80% of revenue. And some of its products are Tiger, 50-50 and Good Day biscuits. 

6. HDFC Bank Ltd

HDFC Bank Ltd is the biggest bank in the private sector in India, and it provides a wide range of banking services. It is highly recognized by the Housing Development Finance Corporation, where it has a vast customer base. 

Its mid-cap goes to Rs6,30,548 crore, and because of that, it got a place in the list of top 100 most valuable global brands where it got 69th rank. 

It provides services in retail banking, treasury, vehicle loans, banking, and other services. It also owns Payzapp and SmartBuy, which are its products. HDFC Bank Ltd current price is Rs2315 which is generally expected to provide up to 19% profit in a year. 

7. TCS Ltd

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd is also an Indian multinational company that deals in IT services. TCS is located in Mumbai, and it is part of Tata Group which provides its services in over 45 countries. TCS is considered the second largest company in India after Reliance Industries Ltd. Currently; it has crossed the $100 billion market capitalization and raised over Rs6,79,000 crore in BSE. 

Now its shares generally trade at Rs2254 and have multiplied multiple times compared to years ago. Hence it is also a secured investment from the points of a higher return in the long term. 

8. Eicher Motors Ltd

If you have an interest in automobile company shares, then Eicher Motor can be a great choice. Eicher Motors also built the famous motorbike of India called Royal Enfield (RE). Generally, it has 50-50 shares in the personal and commercial vehicle both. 

In 2008 it declared manufacturing commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, engineering products, and VE powertrain. VECV has undertaken the execution of commercial vehicle manufacturing and selling of Volvo trucks. 

9. HUL

HUL or Hindustan Unilever Ltd is another excellent company to invest in. Because its shares have performed well in the last 20 years. It is a British and dutch MNC headquartered in Mumbai, which is in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It manufactures caring products, consumer goods, food, beverages, and many other products. 

Currently, it has around 18,000 full-time employees in India and has over 35 verified products under 20 categories. Its shares are also expected to offer over 16% profit or loss in the year and trading at Rs 1757. Thus, you can consider this as your following multi-bagger stock and make a profitable investment decision. 


Thus, in this article, we learned about India’s top 9 highest return stocks for the last 20 years. And here we covered the top shares such as RIL, HDFC Bank Ltd, Wipro Ltd, TCS Ltd, and many other companies. 

That has provided significant profit to its shareholders in the last 20 years in India. So, I hope you have liked this exciting information and helped choose your following multi-bagger stock.

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