How to Change Name and Address in SBI Bank Account?

Do you have a bank account, and have you submitted the updated KYC form? As per the RBI’s guidelines, every bank account holder must submit their latest KYC form. And if they have changed their location, then it is also essential to update it by filling the KYC form of the relevant bank.

But most of us do not know how to change the name and address in the SBI bank account. So, if you also have an account in SBI bank, which is one of the significant banks of India. And willing to know steps to change your names and address, then read this post as it will be worth it.

By reading this post, you will understand how to change your name and address by SBI website, branch, mobile app, and email.

Documents Required to Change Name and Address

Before you apply to SBI bank by filling KYC form, you need to know some crucial points, including the documents needed.

Hence, before we move to a discussion to change your name and address, let’s find some crucial documents that you need to submit after self-attested.

SBI accepts the below-mentioned documents for changing the current or the permanent address of the account holder. 

  • Voter ID card ( both side print with signature)
  • PAN card and Aadhar Card (mostly you are going to submit these two)
  • Passport (if you have a passport, then you can use it as well)
  • NREGA job card (it is also accepted for address proof)
  • Driving license (if you have a driving license, then it is also great proof to submit)
  • Along with these, you can attach a letter of National Population Register having name and address.
  • You can provide a utility bill (latest electricity bill)
  • SBI also accepts pension and family pension payment receipts or accommodation letters by the government or employer.

If you have any of these documents, you can easily change your name and address in your SBI bank account.

How to Change Name and Address in SBI Bank Account?

How to Change Name and Address in SBI Bank Account

By Visiting Physical Branch

Visiting a bank for the same purpose can be the best way to change your name and address. You direct contact with the concerned person and get help in updating this matter.

So, if you have sufficient time, you can visit the concerned branch of the SBI bank. They will ask you to fill the form and write a letter to know why you are updating so.

For this, you can fill the form and attach the documents mentioned above. It is also essential to carry the original documents as there you will be asked to show original ones.

Thus, visiting the concerned branch on a working day will have all the required documents, including the photo. Then fill the KYC form, attach self-attested documents, write a letter and submit it on the mentioned counter.

Now verify and submit the form; once you do so, you will get an SMS for the same. If you execute this task accurately, your information will get updated, and you can verify the same after a week.

By Email

You can also change the name and address of the SBI bank account using your email. SBI has provided its [email protected], and there you can send the email for the same. All you need to provide is your name, contact number (registered one), and email. Once you provide this, they also mention the purpose of writing an email.

Also, attach a self-attested photocopy of PAN card, Aadhar card, and other id proof needed. Once you send the email, then you need to wait for a few days. However, in general, they update the latest information within two days.

By Website

Now SBI has also enabled the option to update the information of the account holder. So if you want to update your address and name according to your Aadhar card, you can do it without visiting the SBI branch.

You need to visit the official website of SBI, i.e., online, and log in with your user id and password. Once you log in, you will find the profile section, and under the profile section, you will see the personal details tab. You need to click on it, and whatever you want to change, including address and name, you can change.

But do this process wisely with focus and update with OTP. If you are already a net banking user, you will not face any issues. You will be able to update your latest information without visiting any physical branch office.

By SBI Mobile App

There is a fourth method as well that you can try and use to update your current address. You can download the SBI mobile application but be sure you have downloaded the official website. There you need to log in, and once you get logged in, you can fill in the details and request to change KYC details.

This platform will directly let you submit information to the branch office of your website. So, you can update your name and address using the mobile application of SBI as well. All you need is to upload the latest scanned copies of the documents above and request changing relevant information.

How to Verify Name and Address Have Changed?

After filling the form, you do not need to sit and verify whether bank officials have updated the information.

So, to check this, you can either visit the branch office or check it online using SBI’s official website.

  • Thus, to check online, search for the official website of SBI and log in.
  • When you get logged in, then choose account statements and choose account number.
  • After filling in these two, click to show the bank statements. And when the bank statement appears then, then you will also find your name and address. That you can match with the latest information, you wanted an update.


So, in this article, we discussed how you could update your name and address in your SBI bank account. And now you have understood how you can do the same using email, SBI official website, mobile app, and offline branch. If you still have any queries, then you can comment below or directly contact SBI support. Although, if you find this information excellent and willing to know more, stay engaged with our website. We keep sharing and informing you of several crucial aspects that you must know.

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