How to Earn in Share Market Without Investment? – 5 Legit Ways

I know you may also have asked How to earn in the share market without investment many times from your friends and family members? This question can seem funny, but these are important ways to help you make passive income without investing a single rupee. So, suppose you are also one of those people who fear they can lose their money but still want to make some decent income from this field. In that case, you should read this post, as I have explained, top techniques that you can use and start earning money from the share market with zero investment.

5 Ways to Earn in Share Market Without Investment

How to Earn in Share Market Without Investment

1. Start Recommending Stockbroking Platforms or Services

It is one of the best ways to earn money from the share market without investment because here, you need to recommend the best stockbrokers to people. It can be a great tool because you can have passive earning potential. There are many stockbroking platforms or services like Upstox, Zerodha, and Groww. They have their partnership and refer and earn option, which you can use these programs to earn money. Most of the stockbroking service providers offer a commission on every new user who joins them. It also offers a lifetime commission percentage from their earnings through the trader you’re referring to. However, it requires good commission skills and convincing power to convince interested people to join their program. You can use social media, youtube, blogs, paid ads, and local advertising. If you start doing this, you will surely get some positive and passive results. Still, it can take a little time to establish a reputable image among the new traders.

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2. Share Your Knowledge About The Share Market

It is one of the easiest ways to make money from the share market without investment. Now you can ask me how it can be ideal, so let me explain this now. If you know the share market, you can share it with the rest of the learners or new investors. You need to create a YouTube channel or course to educate these people; you can also start a blog to give conceptual and detailed information about the stock market. By doing this, you can easily monetize your content by advertisements and earn some good money from referrals. You can also start writing for top finance or stock market-related websites as they also offer good pay. 

3. You Can Become a Paid Consultant

You can also opt to be a paid consultant and help many new traders to get profitable deals. It requires experience in the share market, where to deal, and which securities to deal with. Once you set up your profile as a paid stock trader consultant, then you can have much-earning potential with this method. Because most new traders, even the mid-level investor, look for these experts to grant wealth-making opportunities in the share market. You can take this profession to the next level if you boost your branding because it will help you meet more people. You can organize online seminars, events, and courses to teach others about the stock market and make their stock trading profitable. These methods will also help you to earn money from the enrollment fees and other charges. 

4. Help Others in Managing Their Stockbroking Account

The next you can try to earn money in the stock market without investment is to manage the trading accounts of other traders. Trading is risky and stressful work; it can also take a whole day to find the right stock to grab lucrative profit, but sometimes it can lead to a massive loss. Therefore, most of the traders take help from professionals by allowing them to manage their accounts. So, to help these traders, you can register as a partner or associate of the stockbroker. And by registering yourself as an associate, you can become an associate person. Still, it would be best to take authorization from the relevant trader to do trading on his behalf. If you have stock trading skills and are willing to trade with others’ money, it can be a great way to enter the stock market. You can help people to get a higher ROI on their investments. As they will generate higher earnings, you can charge a higher commission or profit. It is one of the suitable methods for those who want to do trading and can grab profitable shares. 

5. Can Become a Stockbroker or Sub-Broker

Have you noticed that traders either earn or lose money? Still, are the brokers the persons who always make a fixed percentage of commission? So, if you want to stay away from the profit and loss, then you can become a broker or sub-broker. Because once you become such a professional, you will not have to think about the stock market’s bull or bear. Also, you will always get a fixed amount of commission when someone buys or sells their shares. However, you will have to spend some good money initially to become a stockbroker. And if you have money, you can get registered at the Stock Exchange and have a Registration ID. With this registered ID, you can get your clients by sharing this and trading in the share market to get your commissions. Moreover, if you want to be the sub-broker, you will also be required to register with a brokerage company as their partner. As a sub-broker, you can commission a fixed percentage of commission by assisting trading clients in their trading activities. 


So, I hope now you have understood how to earn in the share market without investment by using some practical ways. You can become a paid consultant, broker, manage other accounts or share your blog and YouTube as well. Along with this, you can also refer to stock trading services like Groww and Upstox to earn a commission on each referral. So, I hope now you are ready to earn from stock marketing without spending any risky amount. Would you please comment below to let us know about your favorite and most straightforward method you liked in this post?

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