How to Earn Rs 1000 Per Day in Share Market in India?

Do you also want to earn Rs 1000 per day in share market? Do you also want to increase your wealth by investing in the stock market? These days every individual wants to make money just by investing in a listed company. It provides a lucrative return on investment. But most of the people fail to earn at least Rs1000 per day when they start investing in companies. Therefore, in this post, I will explain how to earn Rs 1000 per day in the share market and give some crucial insights. So, if you are also willing to get a higher ROI and make the best investment decision, read this post carefully.  

How Much Can You Earn In Intraday Trading?

Intra trading is a form of trading in the stock market where you purchase the stock for making a profit. And once you realize the prices of the shares have increased, then you sell for a profit. One thing you should know is that there are no boundaries in investment capital; therefore, you can start trading with Rs 1000 or Rs100000 as per your suitability. However, you invest as much money as you want and as much return as you invest.  

How to Earn Rs 1000 Per Day in Share Market?

How to Earn Rs 1000 Per Day in Share Market in India?

Don’t Be Greedy And Also Keep Your Fear Far Away

So, if you have decided to make money from the stock market, you must keep your greed and fear far away. Most of the time, these psychological factors change the trader’s decisions and take them to a considerable loss. Therefore, you should now keep these two with you during the trading time. You should also prevent over-trading because Intraday trading can not give tons of money if you keep doing it regularly. Because market trends can be uncertain as well as unfavorable, therefore you should trade within your limit.

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Look For The Shares That Have a High Volume

When you enter Intraday trading, you must look for shares with high volume or shares with liquid nature. As the Intraday trading happened during the fixed time, therefore, the trade for the shares must take place before the closing hours for trading. So, if you have liquid stock, it can be quickly sold out with a higher profit amount. Also, when you trade, then you do not need to believe in others’ analyses until you complete yours. Because many traders believed other traders’ analyses and lost a significant portion of their funds. Therefore, you should make a list of eight or ten shares and do in-depth research. Here you can look for the price action and liquidity to make a priority investment hierarchy.  

Start Using Stop-Loss Order From Starting

Stop-loss is one of the essential things in intraday trading because it helps in reducing maximum loss during the trading activity. It is specially designed to control the loss amount to protect the investor’s money. You can cut down losses, and you can use this tool frequently to empower your strategy. And as a beginner, it will help you stay motivated and stay far away from huge losses. You can set the stop loss by 1 percent, and when you buy the share and its price reduces to 1%, your position will automatically get closed. For example, if you have purchased a share of Rs 1000 for intraday trading. When the share will reduce to 1% or when the prices of the share drop as soon as Rs990. In that case, your position for the share will automatically get closed. By doing this, you will lose only Rs10 and save your Rs990, and if you do not use it, you may have to face more losses.  

Analyze The Current Trends

If you want to have safe intraday trading, you should follow the latest market trend. It can help you to make a good profit and also advisable to go for the stock market trend if you want to make at least Rs1000 from the stock market as a beginner. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to find the best trending stock to invest in.

  • Look for the stocks of your choice and make a list.
  • Then analyze the movement of these stocks regularly for 15days before the trading. 
  • During these days, analyze the volume of the stock, oscillators, and indicators. You can also use super trends or the moving average for better understanding. 
  • To get accuracy on the stock you choose, keep looking at these shares during the market hours.
  • This is the crucial step based on the indicators and analysis of your chosen entry and exit point. It will be utterly dependent on the efforts you put in during 15 days to analyze these shares.  
  • Now you need to set up a stop loss (1% is advisable initially) and target before investment.  

Stay Stuck With Your Entry And Exit Points

It is also the significant rules which will balance your greed and fear. And we have already discussed that first, you need to examine the stock for 15 days. From the available information, you need to set the existing and entry point. Also, after choosing the stock, you need to choose the target price once you determine the entry point. So, if you want to know How To Earn Rs 1000 Per Day in Share Market, it is crucial to stick to the point you have already fixed. Because it can lead to a significant loss, it is always beneficial for the trader to stay neutral and fix the decision.  


In this post, you learned the top 5 rules to help you make at least Rs1000 from the stock market. Here you have also understood that when you do intraday trading, you need to keep your fear and greed far away during trading. Moreover, if you want to make your investment decision profitable, keep researching the market trend and high volume share to maximize your earning potential. 

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