6 Best Personal Finance Books in India 2024

We all know how important reading books are, especially for gaining multi-years knowledge. By reading books, we can understand key things to implement in our personal life. So we can also succeed in related fields and maintain the same level. For all purposes, there are thousands of books available.

But in this article, we will discover some best personal finance books in India. Because making the most use of limited money helps you to build wealth. Thus, read this crucial post to know the names of must-read and basic personal finance books.

Best Personal Finance Books in India

Best Personal Finance Books in India

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the most popular personal finance books. And people read it to understand what the rich people teach their kids that middle and lower-class parents do not. Hence, if you also want to understand the mindset of both types of persons. Then this is the book to read because you will understand what lesson both kids get from their father. If you earn good money but do not save much out of that. Then also, this is the ideal book to read and understand ways to control spendings.

Once you get healthy knowledge about saving and investing money in the right places and scenarios. Then you can also become a wealthy person and keep the growth consistent. Thus, the Rich Dad Poor Dad is first on the best personal finance books that every person should read.

2. Retire Rich: Invest Rs.40 a Day

Retire Rich: Invest Rs.40 a Day

Retire Rich is one of the best-selling personal finance books on Amazon. It was written by Indian author P.V. Subramanyam. And within a few months of its launch, it became the best-selling book for personal finance. With its writing style and attractive example, it is also a beginner-friendly personal finance book. If you haven’t read any book yet then also you will find it easy to understand its morals.

While reading it, you understand how you can plan your future and secure life after retirement. So, you will not have to depend upon anyone for postretirement. There are several helpful tips to save unnecessary expenses and build wealth. Thus, if you find the best personal finance book to read, you must consider Retire Rich by P.V. Subramanyam.

3. Let’s Talk Money

Let's Talk Money

Our worry about how much money we need to earn never stops. From paying rent, bills to other expenses, we feel it is tough to distribute hard-earned income. Thus, if you want to understand the ways money can work hard for us like we do the same for it. In short, this book will help you to understand how seamlessly you can manage the money you earn. And utilize it in the best way to save some decent amount as well.

This excellent book is written by one of the most trusted Indian authors for personal finance. And Monika Halan, the author of this book, has beautifully explained all the key terms. Thus, if you live in India and want to build wealth in its ecosystem, you should go for this best-selling personal finance book.

4. Coffee Can Investing

Coffee Can Investing

We have another outstanding personal finance from a great Indian writer. This book was written by three writers, including Saurabh Mukherjea, Pranab Uniyal, and Rakshit Ranjan. And if you look forward to investing in real estate, F.D.s, stock market, mutual funds, and gold. So, you can earn up to 15% per annum interest or profit. Then you should read this good personal finance book. Because it will help you in understanding where you can invest your hard-earned income.

And how you can minimize the risk associated with the investment. Also, Saurabh runs a successful wealth management company and has shared important notes. Thus, this is also one of the best books, especially if you want to get maximum results by investing in the top five investment options discussed.

5. If God Was Your Financial Planner


Don’t you think its title says many words to us? Its title attracts a lot and shows a brief glimpse of its essential information. Suresh Sadagopan wrote this brilliant book. While reading this book, you will entertain yourself and also understand crucial terms we miss generally. From managing to investing all the information, you will get it systematically.

Hence, if you want to get a strong view of personal finance, retirement planning, and reliable risk management. Then this is a great book to teach you all this stuff, along with the concept of asset allocation. But don’t think you will also discover these few things while reading it. Because there are several other essential terms as well, consider this book as well.

6. Stocks To Riches

Stocks to Riches

Stock marketing is unpredictable but still possible to make a considerable profit. But it may take time to understand its market trend and other factors. Stock To Riches is the book written by the stock market expert Parag Parikh. And it is also a personal finance book written by an Indian author. Thus, this book is one of the most suitable personal finance books for those willing to invest in the stock market.

Moreover, by reading it, you will diversify your skill in the share market. With the writer’s experience, he has derived several crucial points. Hence, reading this can also be one of the best choices to take the next step to get financially sound.


So, in this article, we discovered some top wealth management books written by trusted authors. Also, these books are very beneficial if you want to build some excellent knowledge about wealth management. Because we all can earn good money but setting up an ideal mindset and the right approach is crucial.

As only the best and optimized way of spending and investing can create wealth. And help you stay financially independent if you want to read the best personal finance book. In that case, you can consider any of these six-book, including Rich Dad Poor Dad.

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