Porinju Veliyath Success Story

Porinju Veliyath is considered one of the highly qualified investors in the share market. Many people call him a “small-cap czar” because most of his suggestions about the share and stocks are bullish. He gives unexpected suggestions that no one thinks about. Those who followed his suggestion got significant profit and wealth maximization. Now, he is limited to small-cap firms because he also gives accurate advice for large firms like Reliance Industries.

When Reliance was ready to launch its Jio, he tweeted that the Jio will be bullish in the Indian stock market. He knew it because he had analyzed based on his experience and proved his decision-making skills for shares. Later, his claim was found suitable. Soon, Jio became Bullish; generally, the blue-chip company does not give results faster in the short term. However, he knew people would love this offer and gained significant profit from his investment.

In this article, we are going to know about Porinju Veliyath’s success story. So, if you are also willing to know the same, you need to stay.

Porinju Veliyath Success Story

Who is Porinju Veliyath?

Porinju Veliyath belongs to a middle-class family who was born in Kerala on 6 June 1962. Now he runs a portfolio management company, and the name of his company is Equity Intelligence India Pvt Ltd. When he was a teen, his family was suffering from financial crises, and in this situation, they sold their house to pay off the loans.

But he promised himself that he would earn money by doing the job and supporting his family one day. He used to work along with studies to help his family, and he joined his first official job as an accountant. And there he only used to earn Rs1000 per month. After this job, he also worked in ETE or Ernakulam Telephone Exchange and completed a degree course in law. With his bachelor’s degree, we could still find an excellent job to help him make a good living. Thus, later he decided to move to Mumbai to fulfill his dream of making money.

How Did Porinju Veliyath Start His Trading Journey?

In Mumbai, he started working as a floor trader in Kotak Securities. And this job was unique to his areas of study. But by working there, he started understanding the know-how of financial terminologies. And by learning those, he becomes a high-level professional stock trader and investor in the Indian stock market. At Kotak Securities, he worked there for four years. In 1994, he was hired by Parag Parikh Securities as a fund manager and research analyst. Mr. Veliyath worked here for another five years. However, he used to miss his hometown life, thinking about moving again to his hometown.

In 1999, Mr. Veliyath returned to his hometown Kochi and increased his wealth by investing in the share market. And he made his first investment in Geojit Financial Service; however, its stock was considered a lousy penny stock. But still, as per his analytical skill, he stayed confident and, with his investment, generated multiple times return. Now you will also appreciate this investment strategy. He also invested in Shreyas Shipping and became a profitable stock for him.

He started generating some good money out of stock trading. In 2002, he formed Equity Intelligence India Pvt Ltd. Now, this company still manages its client’s portfolio and Veliyath’s portfolio.

What Investment Strategy Does Porinju Veliyath Use?

Porinju Veliyath always claims that he does not hesitate to invest in less popular firms, especially the mid-caps ones. And whatever decision he made, he stayed punctual and determined to do that. From his investment capital, we can also understand that he does not limit himself from investing in a particular way of market capitalization. Usually, he picks those stocks which are underestimated by the market. We can say he uses the investment model of Warren Buffet to increase the value of the investment strategy. You can also analyze the same from his portfolio, as he has not invested in top companies but in those that can offer him profitable returns.

What About The Portfolio of Porinju Veliyath?

In the portfolio of Porinju, there are primarily mid-cap stocks. Therefore he is famous as a small-cap investor. He has invested in Ansal Buildwell Ltd, Digicontent Ltd, Orient Bell Ltd, Thejo Engineering Ltd, and Eastern Treads Ltd.

These are just a few names of his investment portfolio that significantly represent that he mainly invests in small-cap firms. 

How Did Porinju Veliyath Become Successful?

Most traders or investors invest in the most popular firms to secure their money and expect a higher return. But Mr. Veliyath used the opposite investment model and focused on the portfolio. He always suggests that other investors not run away if the company is not doing well. As per his investment suggestion, he always uses the SEBI guidelines and keeps his investment simple. The flexible investment and confidence in investment decisions lead to his success in the share market.

What Do You Need to Learn From The Porinju Veliyath Success Story?

If you want to learn something from the success story of Porinju Veliyath, then you should learn the following:

You should never limit your investment decision and stay with the company when it suffers from uncertain scenarios.

He made most of the investment rounds around the penny shares, which can cause loss. But after his investment, he earned multiplied profit, so you can learn to be consistent and understand bullish shares from this.

While investing, you need not think about the return but the value-adding in the company by the share. So, learn to trust your buying and selling decision at the right time, as it has the potential to find the right shares to maximize returns.


So, I hope you liked the Porinju Veliyath success story and are feeling inspired by this incredible journey of Mr. Veliyath. However, his right decision-making skills and ability to stay punctual can help other traders like us. You can also learn from him that we should not run to the top companies but to the stocks which can offer a higher return in upcoming years.

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