Sharekhan Review 2024

Sharekhan is one of the largest stock brokers in India after ICICI Direct and HDFC Securities. The platform was established in February 2000 to provide brokerage services to stock traders and investors willing to participate in the Indian stock market. This leading stock trading platform currently provides its services through the official website. It has 1800 offices (including branches and franchises) spread across India. 

The platform has seen tremendous growth in its client base and revenue streams in the last few decades. The best thing about this stock broker in India is that it has a long franchise chain that is located in major cities of India. Sharekhan offers its brokerage services to individuals, companies, and NRI investors. It has over 1.8 million client base in India.

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If you take its services, you can trade in equity cash and derivative segments listed in BSE and NSE. It also provides the facility to trade in MCX and NCDEX and the option to invest in IPOs and mutual funds. This full-service stock broker in India has a beautifully designed website that is easy to use, even for beginners. On its official website, you can check out the latest market updates and fundamental and statistical information around equity, mutual funds, and other securities.

Sharekhan Brokerage Charges

Sharekhan implements fixed percentage-based charges on the executed trades. Thus, it may seem a little expensive to trade with Sharekhan compared to other stock brokers in India; there are brief details about the brokerage charges levied by this stock trading platform.

  • Sharekhan charges no fee for trading and Demat account opening.
  • It does not charge any trading account maintenance charges.
  • It charges Rs 400 per annum for a Demat account made from the next year of account opening.
  • It charges 0.10% for equity cash intraday trades when investors make a buy.
  • It charges 0.50% or 10 paise per share or Rs 16 per crip (whichever is higher) on equity delivery trades.
  • It charges 0.10% or 10 paise per share on equity futures, commodities, and currency futures. 
  • The platform charges 2.5% of the premium or Rs 250 per lot (whichever is higher) on equity options.
  • It charges 2.5% of the premium or Rs 30 per lot (higher is applicable) on currency options. 

Sharekhan Stock Trading Platforms

Sharekhan has heavily invested in modern tools and technology to ensure its customers get an efficient trade experience. Below are the platforms developed by Sharekhan for its customers to trade in the stock market.

Sharekhan Mobile App

Sharekhan mobile app is very user-friendly and easily installed on mobile devices. It comes with a two-factor authentication feature to ensure the security of the user’s login details. With this mobile application, you can trade in stocks, currencies, mutual funds, derivatives, and other securities listed on the advanced charting feature using features available to assist traders with market insights and offer many features to get quick information on market trends and trades.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger

This is an installable trade terminal on your desktop computer for stock trading. It functions smoothly on desktop and laptop devices and allows you to access its advanced features. You can set customizable watchlists for 30-90 intraday and daily charts. There are more than 30 technical indicators, many chart view options, and many advanced tools to find the ideal trading opportunity to generate profit.

Sharekhan Website

The official website of Sharekhan is developed and designed by its in-house development team. The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate for traders. It has many features, like the option to trade in multiple exchanges, a smart search tool, and a detailed portfolio view option. Moreover, the website has chat and help options to get solutions for user queries.

Sharekhan Review

Sharekhan Mini

Sharekhan mini is a website designed for users with slow internet connections. This browser-based trading platform works properly even if there is 2G connectivity. Using this website, you can use basic features like F&O contract details, multi-exchange lists, and fund transfer features.

Sharekhan InstaMF

Sharekhan has also introduced its mutual fund investment platform, which is free for its investors. The app ensures paperless and quick mutual fund investment facilities with the highest accuracy. You don’t need to have a sharekhan’s Demat account to access this facility. Additionally, there is an option to choose a SIP amount or invest a lump sum amount into a selected mutual fund scheme. It also provides customizable mutual fund investment schemes to help you achieve your financial goals.

How to Open a Demat Account with Sharekhan?

Here are some steps to follow when opening a Demat account with Sharekhan.

  • Visit the official website of Sharekhan and click on the open an account button.
  • The process is 100% digital so proceed by entering basic details.
  • Enter your name, email, mobile number, and city when registering.
  • You will get an OTP to verify the details, so enter it and verify.
  • Add PAN card, DOB, and other basic information. 
  • Upload the required documents and cross-check.
  • After verifying the details, complete the in-person verification asked by the website.
  • Now you will be required to e-sign by entering OTP, which will be sent to the mobile number linked with your Aadhaar. 

Advantages of Sharekhan Stock Trading Platforms

Let’s understand some benefits of taking Sharekhan’s stock trading facilities.

  • It provides different types of trading platforms, including mobile apps, websites, and installable terminals.
  • There are personalized brokerage plans to cover all types of investors and traders.
  • It reduces its brokerage charges on high-volume traders. 
  • Provide online classes, training sessions, and seminars to educate investors.
  • It does not charge any processing fee on fund transfers from/to the bank account.
  • It also does not charge any fee on DP transactions.
  • It has one of the largest chains of physical offices, branches, and franchises.
  • The call and trade facility does not put the additional cost on traders.
  • It allows investors and traders to keep the fixed deposit as collateral for F&O trading.

Disadvantages of Sharekhan Stock Trading Platform

There are some limitations as well to using Sharekhan for stock trading. Look at below points mentioned to make an informed decision.

  • Sharekhan does not offer its traders any 3-in-1 account facility as you get only trading and Demat accounts with them.
  • Most brokerage charges are based on percentages, which may seem higher than the flat fee charged by discount brokers.
  • You will pay a big brokerage fee if you trade through this stock brokerage fee.
  • Its classic account holders do not have the option to trade in commodities. 


Sharekhan is one of India’s largest full-service stock brokers and has over 22 years of market presence. This stock broker has branches and offices in most major cities of India. Additionally, it provides efficient tools and platforms to help its traders perform trading activities without trouble. So, if you are a trader or investor willing to pay a high brokerage charge and avail of premium stock trading services and access to credible research insights, Sharekhan can be an ideal stock brokerage firm to get stock trading services.

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