Top 10 Stock Market Training Institutes in India

The share market is becoming one of the best business ideas to start with and attracting millions of new traders worldwide. Today, trading in the share market has become as technology has allowed us to trade just sitting at home through online trading applications. However, it is better to learn some crucial aspects of the investment market or share market by taking a short-term or long-term course.

Therefore in this article, we will discover some best stock market training institutes in India. So, if you are also a new investor or trader in the Indian share market or willing to be the same, read this complete article because here you will learn best free to paid certification in the stock market.

10 Stock Market Training Institutes in India

Stock Market Training Institutes In India

1. NSE Academy

NSE Academy is one of the best institutes to learn about the stock market, especially the Indian stock market. It gives students financial education resources and facilities even if they are beginners in the stock market. Their certifications offer a comprehensive guide to gain knowledge in financial aspects. Its courses have covered an in-depth understanding of various financial industry sectors and provide the right skill set to the enrolled students. Once the student learns these skills, they can take the test as they have various test centers in India.

NSE FM or NSE Academy Certification in Financial Market is a popular course based on online testing. During this course, you will learn practical skills to understand the financial market and its several terminologies. However, this academy also provides many other courses such as NCFM Certification, NCFM Advanced Modules, Proficiency Certificate, and more.  

2. National Institute of Securities Market

National Institute of Securities Market is the second number in our list of India’s top 10 stock market training institutes. This institute was established by SEBI or Securities and Exchange Board of India that also takes care of a healthy ecosystem of the share market. If you want to gain practical knowledge with best practices to implement in your real trading journey, you can take your share market course from NISM. You will get its courses under SEBI regulation 2007; its courses are popular as many students are enrolled. Some top courses are the Currency Derivatives Certification Examination and Securities Intermediaries Compliance (Non-Fund) Certification Examination.  

3. NIFM National Institute of Financial Market

If you are looking for one of the oldest stock market institutes, which the Ministry of Finance set up, you should look forward to NIFM. The National Institute of Financial Market was established in 1993 and governed under the Government of India. It also has online training facilities which you can take anywhere and prepare for examinations for the same. It provides so many stock market-related courses, and some of them are here. Some top courses offered by the National Institute of Financial market are Fellow Program in Management (FPM), NIFM Certified Smart Investor, Post Graduate Diploma in Research Analyst, and NIFM Certified Technical Analyst. Their courses are theoretical rather than practical, but you can still take them as conceptual knowledge helps in the share market.  

4. BSE Academy

BSE Academy also encourages the young generation to learn about the share market and trading tactics. By taking their course, you get a complete understanding of the share market and how it works. The best thing about its certification is that it takes care of all the examinations and preparation of certification during the course. Aside from this, it also ensures to provide professional experience and knowledge to the enrolled students. When you take admission, they provide learning resources or materials immediately so that you can start learning. Some of its courses about the stock market are Certificate Program on Risk Management, Certificate Program on Stock Market, Certificate Program On Bond Market.  

5. Nifty Trading Academy (NTA)

Nifty Trading Academy or NTA is also a well-known name for the top share market institute in India. Its best thing is that it provides a market session-based learning experience, a completely Technical Analysis Study. You may not hear about this stock trading academy, but it is best to learn stock trading by taking real-life experience. Its Intraday Trading Course, Advance Technical Analysis Course, and Pure Profit Course with Software are the leading courses. By taking their courses, you can learn several techniques to make the stock trading business profitable. 

6. IFMC Or Institute of Finance Market Courses

IFMC is also one of the ideal institutes to gain expertise in stock trading. It is recorded under IFMC Educational Institute Private Limited, and also it is ISO 2015 certified organization. If you are willing to get an in-depth understanding of the capital market, currency or forex market, mutual funds, and insurance sector. Then you can consider this institute to start your training. 

7. Stock Market Institute of India

SMII, or Stock market Institute of India, is a Bangalore-based institute offering stock trading certification to its students. They also offer real-time training experience; therefore, its courses can be suitable for the students who want to learn stock trading by doing. It provides beginner-level to professional-level diploma certifications around the capital market.  

8. E-Learn Markets

If you do not want to commute and are still willing to have a decent certificate course in the share market, you can learn markets. All the courses are entirely online, and you can start taking this certification at reasonable fees. Here you will mainly learn about the fundamentals of analysis, technical analysis, and other fundamental concepts. Therefore it is an ideal platform for beginners willing to have a basic understanding of stock trading. 


IIBM is located in the Delhi NCR region, and Well India Group promotes this institute. It is one of the good institutes as well as it also provides courses for the stock market. Therefore, it can be a good choice if you take a stock market course in Delhi NCR. However, they also provide online courses for their students.  

10. Udemy

Udemy is one of the leading e-learning platforms where you can find so many affordable stock market courses. Here mostly existing traders who are already earning good profit provide their courses. Here you get comprehensive knowledge about essential concepts and pro tips from the existing traders. Thus, if you are comfortable taking online courses and have a small budget, you can learn from Udemy by choosing a highly rated course.  


So, here you learned about the top 10 stock market training institutes in India, where we discussed NSE Academy, BSE Academy, Nifty Trading Academy, and many other top institutions. Taking a certification can be a great idea to know the stock market from scratch, but it works more if you implement these techniques in real-life trading. Thus, if you like this information and are willing to keep reading essential things about the stock market, then check out our other articles as well.

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