Vijay Kedia Success Story

The Indian share market is full of success stories of investors. Vijay Kedia’s success story is also one of those success stories. Vijay Kedia shows that getting success in life doesn’t demand more than sincerity and ambition. He had basic investing skills, but he achieved a significant position among the investors with his consistency and dedication. Now Mr. Kedia has become an inspiration for many investors and traders. And most of them follow his trading and investing strategy to make a profit from their investment. 

Hence, to know why people do so, we will take a deep look at Vijay Kedia’s success story in this article. 

Who is Vijay Kedia?

vijay kedia

Vijay Kedia was used to stock trading as he was born in a stock trading family. He has had an interest in the share market from childhood. And when he was 14 years old, he started exploring information about the share market with his grandfather. When his father died, he thought he should start a business. But they did not have funds for it then he continued with his family business. After some time, he started realizing that this work was not for him, and at 19 years, he started independent trading in the share market. He earned profit through his investment in the first year, but he also had to face loss.

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How Did He Start in Share Market?

Now Kedia is the founder and CEO of Kedia Securities Pvt Ltd, and everyone knows him in the trading world. He completed his Doctorate Degree for Excellence in 2016 in management. He started in the share market with a small investment and also got a small profit. He also suffers from the massive loss of Rs70,000 in Hindustan Motors just in 3 days while starting time. He was disappointed due to unexpected loss, and his mother came ahead and gave him some jewelry. But fortunately, he recovered from the loss in a few weeks and saved that jewelry. He also tries his hand to supply essential material to the tea gardens. He as well failed and again decided to try another luck in the share market. After the second attempt, he started understanding the basics of the share market. And earned expensive knowledge through his experiments and soon enabled a profitable share investment strategy. 

In 2016, the Business World List also listed him as the 13 most successful investor in India. It shows how talented he became and earned a respectable position. He also got appreciated by many other platforms such as Money Life Advisory. It developed a microsite where people can ask for crucial tips from Kedia. At that time, Kedia was delivering tips to the London Business School and TEDx. He also used to get invited on various other platforms. 

What’s Vijay Kedia’s Investment Strategy?

Vijay Kedia described his marketing strategy as the SMILE for his primary investing. It means investors can be minor, have a bit or medium-level experience, have big ambitions, and be willing to grab significant market potential. As per Kedia, the investor should invest in a company that has good management. If you can find good management or excellent management, then you can expect a good return.

Vijay Kedia has invested in Innovators Facade System Ltd, Lykis Ltd, Tejas Network Ltd, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd, and many other companies. 

Key Things to Learn From Vijay Kedia 

You can adapt and start implementing some key things when you invest in the share market. 

1. Investing for 10-15 Years

Vijay Kedia is undoubtedly a great investor in the share market, and he believes in long-term investment. He truly believes that companies do not grow in a month, and we all agree with this. Hence if you are looking for a high return on your investment. It is recommended to invest for 10 to 15 years in a good company. That has good management and courage to take the company performance to the next level. 

2. Use a Balanced Approach to Prevent Significant Loss

It is crucial to balance your investment because ups and downs are standard in the share market. Thus, it is not good to sell the stocks when you see an upward trend and purchase when you see a downward trend. You need to balance your buying and selling approaches to minimize the risk and take the best output from the available money for investment. 

3. Find Good or Excellent Management

Dr. Vijay Ketdia suggests investing in a company that has excellent management and transparency. You need to check out many things before investing in a company, as the right company can provide the correct output. Therefore, he always suggests investors look for the management’s qualitative aspects and then decide to spend their money. 

4. Stay Updated With Business News

As a trader, you need to know the latest news about the stock market. Therefore you should read business magazines, newspapers, and every sort of thing that can hint at an opportunity. Current news has a significant impact on the buying and selling decisions of the stock. If you do trading at the right time, then you can get a multi-time profit. 

5. Do Not Invest to Earn Bread and Butter

According to Dr. Kedia, you should never rely on the Indian share market to earn money for livelihood. It is essential to have an alternative income option that can provide you with a stable life. You can do trading to increase wealth and get a sustainable return in the long term. But it is not good practice to entirely depend on earnings from the share market. If you do so, you can meet with a considerable loss and sell your assets to recover those. 

6. Remember, You Need Knowledge and Experience.

The stock market is dynamic, and it keeps changing; you do not know the next. Hence first try to learn it from the ground and try your creative investing decision with a low budget. When you think you have gained some years of experience, then make a good buying decision. It will help you make the most out of your given budget and take you to the next level of success in the share market. 


So, in this article, we learned the success story of Vijay Kedia, who is a well-established investor. He uses the SMILE investment strategy. Because of it, he has attained a significant position in the Indian share market. Hence if you want to learn from his success journey, you should focus on long-term investment and more we discussed. I hope you have enjoyed this fantastic success story of Vijay Kedia. They have obtained 13 positions in the list of top successful investors in India. 

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