Ashish Kacholia Success Story

Ashish Kacholia is one of the successful and leading investors in the Indian stock market. He has generated colossal wealth and gained multiple times a return on his investment. In today’s article, we will discuss Ashish Kacholia’s success story in detail so that you can get some helpful information. Here, you will learn Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio, top investment, and other details. 

Who is Ashish Kacholia?

Ashish Kacholia

Ashish Kacholia is one of the famous and successful investors in the Indian stock market. He has generated a net worth of over Rs 1,700 crore by investing in top stocks. Also, he is popularly known as a small and mid-cap investor. Mr. Kacholia is co-founder of Hungama Digital; he started with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. He also started his own company Lucky Securities in 2003. 

Lucky Securities has become a leading brokerage company in the Philippines, and it provides training as well as help clients manage their portfolio. Many investors consider him the expert in choosing the best multi-bagger stocks of small and mid-cap companies. Because of these reasons, he is also known as Big Whale in the Indian stock market.

Whenever Mr. Kacholia invests or disinvests in any stock, it impacts the market by affecting upward and downward trends. 

Kacholia’s Schooling & Career

Mr. Kacholia also works as an independent portfolio manager for his top clients with high net worth. Hence, you might be willing to know about his schooling and how he started. As per the reports, he has a bachelor’s degree in production engineering, and he has also completed master-level management studies from JBIMS. JBIMS is a leading management institute called Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. 

After his studies, he started his career with Prime Securities Ltd in 1993. After that, he grew the business and got promoted as head of research. Later he started working with Edelweiss Capital Ltd, where he mainly used to handle the deal of private equity. 

Ashish Kacholia Portfolio and Holdings

He owns over 40 stocks of leading companies with significant valuations. Most of these stocks have given him huge returns. Some of those stocks are Acrysil Ltd and NIIT Ltd, where he has a stake of 3.75% and 2.24%, respectively. Currently, the valuation of Kacholia in Acrysil Ltd stock is about Rs 71 crore. 

At the same time, it is Rs 141 crore in NIIT Ltd with a 2.24% stake. Hence, you can see he is also a heavy investor and find the most profitable small and mid-cap investment opportunities.

He has invested in Safari Industries (India) Ltd, Shaily Engineering Plastic Ltd, and Poly Medicure Ltd. Along with these companies, he also has a significant stake in other top listed companies in the stock market. 

Has The Excellent Skill To Identify Multi-Bagger Stocks 

Ashish Kacholia has the excellent skill to identify multi-bagger stock. And because of this reason, he has generated colossal wealth and built an immense fan following. Still, many investors decide it based on his recent activities in related industries. Let’s discuss some of the top investments made by Mr. Kacholia. 

100% ROI in One Month

One of his stocks gave him a 100% return in just one month, and this stock was Paushak Shares, where he had a 1.4% stake. In December 2020, this stock’s price reached Rs 8,067 per share. 

400% ROI in 9 Months

You might be wondering why people call him the king of finding best performing mid-cap and small-cap stocks. Here is another example where he proved himself and his investment strategy. When he invested in Majesco, an Insurance Technology Firm, he got over 400% in just nine months. And this was the year when his portfolio increased to 150% and made him wealthiest investor in India. 

2000% ROI From Bodal Chemicals Ltd

Here is another multi-bagger stock that he purchased and earned about 2000% ROI. Bodal Chemicals Ltd is the leading hair color manufacture company. And it makes these products for leather, paper and textile industries. From 2013 to 2018, the shareholders of these companies made over 2000% return. And Mr. Kacholia was also one of those investors who made excellent revenue. 

Recent Investment of Ashish Kacholia

Recently during the December 2021 quarter, he also made some new investments. Let’s discuss some of the significant stocks that he purchased and his returns. 

Genesys International Corp

Genesys International Corp stocks have been proven multi-bagger stocks for five years, one year, and six months. In all the cases, the investors have enjoyed the return and increased their portfolio. In six months, this company’s shares gave over 170% return and over 500% return in just one year. Based on the five-year company’s performance, the stock has provided over 200% more return. 

Igarashi Motors

During the third quarter of 2021, he invested in Igarashi Motors and acquired a 1.27% stake in this company. As per the reports, he purchased 3,99,550 shares of this company. And the worth of his owned stake goes anywhere from Rs 14 crore. 

So, Where Does Kacholia Mainly Invest?

Based on his portfolio, he mainly invested in small and mid-cap companies. These companies mostly belong to hospitality, education, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries. And by investing in these companies, he has generated over 2000 crores during his investment journey. 

Things to Learn From Kacholia’s Investment Journey

Kacholia has already decided which company he will invest in based on industry and scale. Mostly you will find he invests in small and mid-cap companies related to manufacturing and other industries we discussed. So, if you also want to become a successful investor in the Indian stock market. 

You should choose one or two industries that suit you the most, and you have a proper understanding of the same. Because based on your interest, knowledge, and technical analysis, you will find outstanding stock to invest in and create wealth.  


In this article, we discussed the success story of Ashish Kacholia. We discussed his profile, education, career, portfolio, network, and recent investment. I hope you find this article helpful, knowledgeable and it will help you understand the stock market in a better way. 

If you want to learn about the stock market and its crucial terms, you can stay tuned to our blog as we keep sharing such informative articles.

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