Dolly Khanna Success Story

Do you also think men lead the share market and increase their wealth? Women are also using their stock trading minds to find multi-bagger stocks and make crores of rupees from the stock market. In today’s article, we will discuss the success story of Dolly Khanna and her wealth. So, you all can understand here investment strategy and get some crucial knowledge.

She inspires all the women entrepreneurs willing to take their business to the next level. She is one of the lady investors who have invested in various ventures and empowered businesses with her skills and increased her wealth.

Dolly Khanna is mainly known for investing in lesser-known companies. Also, she is a significant investor based in Chennai and has been investing in Indian stock marketing since 1996. As per reports, her husband also helps her manage her portfolio, and both keep investing in industries like textile, chemical, sugar, and manufacturing stocks.

Dolly Khanna Success Story

When She Started Investing in Indian Stock Market

Dolly Khanna’s name is taken after her husband, Mr. Rajiv Khanna. Because he is considered the brain of here investment strategy and building an excellent portfolio. He completed his chemical engineering graduation degree from IIT Madras. And in 1986, he started his venture called Kwality Milk Foods, where they used to sell frozen Yogurt and other products. However, they decided to sell their company to Hindustan Unilever to generate funds for the investment.

The Chennai-based couple did the same and raised funds to start investing in the stock market. They have made continuous investments and discovered a variety of multi-bagger stocks. Both are very passionate and make precise decisions to invest in small-cap companies.

With their excellent portfolio management strategies, they have become one of the most successful investors in India. The couple acquired Nilkamal in 2014, which is the largest home and office furniture manufacturing company in India. In March 2017, this company’s stock price rose by 900%, and it became Rs1966.

What Investment Strategy Does Dolly Khanna Use?

Every Indian investor follows crucial investment strategies to find outstanding stocks and increase wealth. These strategies help these investors find ideal investment opportunities and survive in this industry for a long time. So, let’s also discuss the critical investment strategies followed by Dolly Khanna.

1. Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Dolly Khanna’s investment is based on technical and fundamental analysis about the stock they wish to invest in. If you see the significant investment of Khanna’s in Rain Industries, we will see they invested in this company because its market share and profitability were rapidly increasing. They were cheerful and found it in their analysis to make this investment strategy.

2. Peter Lynch’s Tip

Peter Lynch’s tip refers to that investors must know what they are buying. Here the book “One Up On Wall Street” tells how the investors purchase stocks in the stock market and profit. Mr. Rajiv and Dolly used this strategy and started investing in profitable stocks. Now let’s learn other strategies they have used during their investment journey.

3. Hold Stock When Buy

The patient is an essential factor that every investor in the stock market acknowledges. And because of their patience, Khannas have found lots of multi-bagger stocks in the share market. Once their investment in Unitech, which was Rs 57 lakh in Indian rupee, became Rs 25 crore within a few years. Hence, it states that investors should not keep checking their investments repeatedly.

4. Stay Aware of Risk

Whenever any investor invests in the company, they need to do the correct valuation of the stock. Here they use technical analysis and also calculate the risk level. However, it’s very challenging to calculate the bottom line of stock and market. But still, by considering a variety of factors, investors measure the risk level of stock. And after finding it, they make the investment decision. Like other investors, Dolly Khanna also utilised stop-loss order and calculated the stock-bearing risk.

Portfolio of Dolly Khanna

Dolly Khanna’s portfolio contains various stocks with excellent valuations. However, here we will discuss some significant investments made here. She has a 2.40% share in KCP Ltd with a holding value of over 26 crores. In Rain Industry Ltd, Khanna’s has invested their money and held 1.67% shares. The valuations of these shares fall anywhere from Rs 65 crores. She has invested in NOCIL worth 31 crore rupees in the Indian Market. By seeing their portfolio, we can see that she heavily invests in the companies that have the potential to grow. And as a result, they gain significant results and increase wealth multiple times.

Reason Why Dolly Khanna has Become Successful Stock Investor in India?

Dolly Khanna is known as one of India’s most successful female investors. Her husband Rajiv Khanna has supported and worked as the brain of her investment strategy. He conducted a technical and fundamental analysis to help her suggest an ideal investment opportunity. They kept investing in potential stocks even when there were financial crises in 2008. mostly they prefer long term investments to gain significant results and get more profits. As per Rajiv Khanna, their investment decision is based on the public data available of the stock. So, they do technical analysis and find the best opportunities to make a good investment.

What to Learn from Dolly Khanna’s Success Story?

If you are a beginner-level investor in the stock market, you should never rely on others’ talk. But also you should do technical and other analysis of the company’s records. So, you can find whether the company it’s good to invest in or not. Also, if you want to find multi-bagger stocks, you should invest your money in outstanding stock and keep it for a few years. In short, when you follow experts’ guidance, listen to your partner, and stay tuned with current marketing insights. You can see significant results in the investment you made in the stock market.


So, in this article, we discussed the success story of Dolly Khanna and learned how his husband helped her become a successful investor. I hope you liked this article and find it interesting and helpful. If you keep wishing to learn amazing things about the stock market, you can check out our other articles. And you can even stay tuned to our website as our team keeps posting helpful guides for you.

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