Radhakishan Damani Success Story

The success story of Radhakishan Damani inspires most entrepreneurs to investors. Because based on his knowledge and skillset, he has achieved many things and set up a profitable venture. This article will discuss Radhakishan Damani’s success story and understand how he has become a billionaire from nothing.

People in the share market call RK Damani an investor, trader, entrepreneur, India’s 7th richest man, and founder of Dmart. You can estimate the level of name and fame he has created and built a vast portfolio. But the journey to achieve the same was not so easy; it was full of challenges and a tough time for Mr. Damani. And if you are a stock trader or beginner investor, you should be reading this article to learn more about his journey.

radhakishan damani

Who is Radhakishan Damani?

RK Damani belongs to the Marwari family, born in 1954. He completed his education in Bikaner, Rajsthan, and has become a self-made billionaire. His success journey does not carry any fast growth but from a humble beginning. Radhakishan enrolled in B.com at the University of Mumbai and also started stock trading as a side effort. But after seeing satisfactory growth and interest, he dropped out of his degree and started giving full-time attention to his dream career.

He also became a stockbroker in Dalal street after building some wealth. Mr. Damani came into the investment business and started funding small to medium-sized businesses. He found many multi-bagger stocks during his investment journey and generated colossal wealth. Later, Radhakishan Damani decided to form their venture called DMart. And currently, it’s considered one of the successful and leading retail businesses across India.

Stock Market Early Life

When Mr. Damani started his professional journey as a stockbroker on Mumbai’s Dalal Street. He understood that it’s the thing he needed overtime to succeed. And from then to now, he keeps finding profitable opportunities to invest his hard-earned money to build heavy wealth. After dealing as a stockbroker, he started trading and investing in the right stocks. RK Damani believes he is a very flexible trader because he keeps diversifying his investment.

He generated handsome money from buying multibagger stocks and made sustainable money by providing stockbroking services. Some of the best multi-bagger stocks owned by Mr. Damani are India Cement, TV Today Network, 3M Media, and more. These are just a few examples we discussed; you will be astonished and excited to find such stocks if you see his portfolio.

Dmart Story 

RK Damani was doing great as a stockbroker in the Indian stock market. But suddenly, he left his stockbroking job and started thinking about opening his venture. He has sound knowledge about the business mindset as he started a minor career from the ball bearing method to multiplying his multi-billion portfolios. 2001 was when he was at the top of his stock trading career, but he suddenly left this job and set up his business called DMart. Currently, DMart is known as the 18th most valuable Indian company that has to build multi-billion caps and generate huge profits.

DMart is the leading supermarket and hypermarket chain established by Mr. Damani. In the beginning, he launched his outlets in Powai, Mumbai, in 2000. And his company also has a head office in Mumbai that offers a range of end-customer goods. DMart is the end solution for all those customers where they can buy anything from toys, stationery, food, and much more. Here you can even find kitchen garments and footwear for the households. DMart has supermarkets and hypermarkets across India, including Karnataka, Telangana, NCR, and Rajasthan.

DMart is owned and functions by the ASL group known as Avenue Supermarts Ltd. This retail business chain has become a successful business enterprise in India because Mr. Damani has focused on the employee, vendor, and customer interests and provided relevant resources to balance all three.

Dmart Also Launched Its IPO in 2017

With the satisfactory growth and need to scale RK Damani’s retail business, he came up with the idea to issue an initial public offering. So, his company can raise funds and scale it to make more profit and brand value. Considering the same, he launched IPOs in 2017, and the shares were issued at Rs 299 but listed at Rs 604. At present, the shares of DMart sell anywhere from Rs 4250 per share, which shows the profitability of Damani’s venture.

Radhakishan Damani Portfolio

RK Damani’s portfolio contains many stocks of leading brands, some of which we will discuss here. And also understand his stake in other companies, valuation, and portfolio worth. Damani has a significant stake in Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Ltd; he has invested over Rs 15 crore rupees to exchange 4% shares. He has significant shares in other companies like Mangalam Organics Ltd, Astra Microwave Products Ltd, and ASL.

Mr. RK Damani Has about 47% stake in ASL, where he has invested over Rs 1340 crore rupees. Along with this investment, Radhakishan Damani also has a 12.6% share in The India Cement Ltd, and its valuation goes over Rs 1149 crore in Indian rupees. Based on his portfolio, you can understand why he has achieved the 7th wealthiest person in India. Among investors, he is also called the retail king and Sachin Tendulkar of the stock market.

Radhakishan Damani Net Worth

We have discussed many things about the success story of Radhakishan Damani. Now you might be thinking about learning about their net worth and their age. Based on the latest stats, he has a net worth of $16.5 billion, and he became famous as a self-made billionaire. By profession, Mr. Damani is a stock trader, investor, and entrepreneur with excellent records of wealth creation.


The Indian stock market has made many billionaires, and it’s still doing the same. Listening and knowing about the success story in the stock market motivate beginner-level investors and help them make wise investing decisions. This article discussed Radhakishan Damani’s success story and understood how he started as a stock trader and became a multi-million company owner.

I hope you liked this article and are willing to keep reading such a fantastic post. If we think the same, we will advise you to check out the other post and stay tuned to our blog. Because here you keep learning about exciting terms of stock market and finance tips.

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