5 Best Lowest Brokerage Charges Demat Accounts in India 2024

Are you searching for a stockbroker with the lowest brokerage charges in India? Hence, this article will assist you in trading and allow you to find the lowest brokerage charges for Demat accounts.

Are you a constant trader striving to earn profits? We understand often; the enormous brokerage charges are eating away at your profits. Therefore, you have to think twice about cutting down the brokerage charges during trading to maximize your profit. The eminent banks offer superior 3 in 1 account with the highest brokerage charges.

But, what does make them isolated and efficient than the banks? These brokers are offering Demat accounts with minimal brokerage charges. That’s why it is inevitable to grasp the two fundamental classifications of brokers in India!

They are mainly categorized as a namely full-service brokers and discount brokers. These brokers offer significantly low brokerage charges to the traders. If you have been searching for the lowest brokerage charges Demat accounts in India, your search ends here!

So, let’s dig into the article to discover the best Demat account with the lowest brokerage charges without any delay. 

5 Best Lowest Brokerage Charges Demat Accounts in India

Lowest Brokerage Charges Demat Accounts in India

Being a frequent trader, the lowest brokerage charges that’s all you want from a firm irrespective of your experience. However, none of the traders wish for the poor quality of services in exchange for the lowest brokerage charges.

Various online brokers of India were previously the full-service ones who made the trading process an extravagant affair. But, with the advent of cutting-edge technology, the leading dynamics of stockbroking have changed its operating path in the market.

Our prime focus is to demonstrate the top 5 lowest brokerage charges Demat accounts in India. That’s why we have curated the chart below for your convenience. 

1. Upstox Demat and Trading Account

Do you want to be an active trader or investor? Hence, trade with profitable margins with a Upstox account will be an ideal Demat account for you! You will get 15x to 25x margins in the cash segment, relying on the type of orders and account.

Moreover, Upstox is one of India’s best discount brokers because of its affordable brokerage charges. Also, it is renowned for high-profit margins and advanced technology platforms. Being the best Demat account, it usually charges a fixed amount of Rs. 20 per trade. This fixed brokerage charge will always be deducted from the traders for intraday regardless of the trading volume with exclusive free stock delivery. This is how, with Upstox, you can save considerable timing in brokerages while comparison to other full brokers. 


  • Zero stock deliver brokerage
  • Free Demat account opening process
  • Rs. 20 is charged per trade for the delivery of equity
  • Superfast account opening process


  • Amazing trading platforms
  • Fix and comparatively lower brokerage charges of trade volume


  • You are unable to make the invest in FPO and IPO

2. Zerodha Demat Account

Zerodha has been the most favorite choice among traders in India. Also, it is one of the most renowned discount brokerage firms, which has over 8 lakh account. For delivery transactions, it charges zero Rs, and it also demands a few amounts for intraday trades.

Zerodha is the most trustworthy and largest discount broker with an extensive user base of over 30 lakh. One of the important reasons for Zerodha’s success is its customer support over all other discount brokers.

As far as charges are concerned, it charges a minimal brokerage fee of 0.03% of Rs. 20 per order. Hence, it is significantly lower! Therefore, by trading in high volumes with Zerodha, you may save a maximum of 90% while compared to other full-service brokers. In brief, the stock delivery trade is entirely free here.


  • One of the most trusted brokers in India
  • Superior customer support
  • Fixed amount of Rs. 20 per executed trade on intraday trades
  • Amazing charts and tools for technical assessment


  • No brokerage on delivery, hence it is free
  • 4-15 times profit margins
  • No minimum brokerage cap per transaction


  • Demat account opening charges are Rs. 200

3. PRO Stocks

ProStocks - Home | Facebook

PRO Stocks is another exclusive discount brokerage organization that offers a small amount of brokerage fee to its customers. It has three unique platforms:

  • PROStocks Web
  • PROStocks Desktop
  • PROStocks Mobile version

Here, you can see top-notch technical charts and live quotes of various stocks. You are not liable to provide Demat account opening and AMC charges as such charges are free in PRO Stocks. On the other hand, it offers 3 extraordinary plans from which you may pick anyone as per your need:

  • Flat Rs. 15 per executed order
  • Monthly unlimited Currency Derivatives trading at Rs. 499 per month
  • Monthly unlimited equity derivatives trading at Rs. 899/month
  • Yearly unlimited currency derivatives trading at Rs. 4999/year
  • Yearly unlimited equity trading at Rs. 8999/year

Moreover, customers now can get a seamless call and trade facility with a total fee of Rs. 10 per order. In order to open a Demat account, you can do it completely free with your Aadhar number. In short, you don’t need any print and sign during account opening. Moreover, they also have an isolated service to assist the first-time stock market trader.


  • Paperless 100% online and genuine account opening process
  • Superior brokerage calculators and margin calculators
  • No prop trading
  • Rs. 25 for trade delivery


  • Free AMC for a lifetime period while opening a Demat account
  • Unlimited trading plans include a currency plan of Rs. 499/month and equity of Rs. 899/month


  • No commodity trading can be done

4. 5Paisa Demat Account

Similar to PROStocks, 5Paisa also charges the lowest brokerage amount of Rs. 10 per trade under the add-on Ultra Trader pack. You can easily trade one worth crore after paying a small amount of Rs. 10 per executed trade. 

On the other hand, the Ultra Trader Pack of 5Paisa provides a special monthly price of Rs. 999. Also, without any pack facility, it charges a flat brokerage fee of Rs. 20 per trade. Are you willing to get a seamless user experience and speed? You can gain such amenities with the help of its mobile app. If you are searching for the lowest brokerage Demat account in India, it is recommended to go for 5Paisa.


  • Zero brokerage on delivery
  • Offers the seamless trading facilities
  • Superfast account opening process


  • Free account opening process
  • All types of the trading segment under Ultra Trader Pack offers Rs. 10 per trade
  • Easy to use platform


  • Commodity trading isn’t possible
  • Moderate customer services

5. IIFL Demat Account

IIFL Securities Ltd. is a full-service stockbroker with over 40 lakh customers. Being a top-notch platform for investment, the traders can get hassle-free assistance and research support while making decisions.

You need to pay a minimum % in terms of brokerage for value investing and trading. Therefore, the lowest brokerage includes flat Rs. 20 per trade for intraday and future options. That’s why IIFL offers the top 3 diverse plans, which consist of variable brokerage, value-added brokerage, and flat brokerage. With IIFL, you can open a free Demat account free of cost along with zero AMC charges for the first year.


  • Free stock delivery
  • Second-year AMC charges will be Rs. 250
  • Top-notch value-added services, including mutual fund investment and IPO


  • Research advisory
  • Wealth and Financial Management
  • Brokerage-free equity delivery trading for all the customers


  • Calling and trading changes need Rs. 50 per call
  • It doesn’t offer a 3-in-1 account

Pros of Low-cost Brokerage Organizations

  • Most of the brokers offer zero account opening charges
  • Being a frequent investor, your profits may augment as you pay fewer charges for share market transactions
  • Some of them provide zero AMC charges

Cons of Low-cost Brokerage Organizations

  • Not so good customer service
  • You have to deposit via check for the investment amount. That could be the reason for spending more on courier charges.
  • During the selling time of your equity, funds transfer usually takes time to get reflected in your bank account


Numerous online stockbrokers are there in India, offering the lowest brokerage charges exclusively to their customers. Hence, it could be intimidating for you to pick one correct broker for your needs.

In order to choose the best Demat account with the lowest brokerage charges, you must consider your financial goals in every aspect. In our opinion, if you want to avail of the best trading experience, go for the Zerodha account. If you have Zerodha and are looking for another Demat account with the lowest possible charges, try Upstox!

To conclude, don’t rush and spend significant time while researching the brokerage firms before you pick one. Please let us know which one you have opened for trading!           

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