What is IOC in Upstox?

IOC is the abbreviation of immediate or cancel orders for buying or selling a security. It tries to execute all or a specific part quickly. Therefore, it can cancel any vacant portion of the orders. However, an IOC order is mainly the “time in force” or out of numerous “duration” orders, which investors like you can utilize to modify how long the order’s status may remain active in the trading market.

It also ascertains under which condition the order gets canceled. In brief, the IOC orders mainly need an incomplete or partial fill, which may be specifically designated as market or limit orders. The article is all about IOC in Upstox, the definition, and everything! Let’s get straight to the information!

What is IOC in Upstox?


As mentioned earlier, IOC represents the full form of Immediate or Cancel Order. Therefore, such orders may either immediately be executed or if failing; these are got canceled. In short, a partial order’s match, if available, could be conducted with the remaining order getting nullified.

For example, you may have recently placed an IOC order for 100 shares and a leading price match for the available 40 shares. Therefore, the status or order for the 40 shares will be given while the last 60 shares get abandoned.

Key Takeaways

  • Investors utilize IOC orders as per the volatile condition of the market.
  • They try to incorporate and fill the positions at current market rates.
  • It requires a semi-fill or may be designated as market or limit orders.

IOC Validity Type in Upstox

An IOC order enables a trading member to purchase or sell any securities ASAP the order is released in the stock market. It also allows failure of those orders and be eliminated instantaneously. However, a partial match is quite possible for that order, and the non-identified segment of the order will be neutralized quickly.


To conclude, IOC limit orders in Upstox safeguard against getting an unworthy fill in an illiquid or quick-moving market. Oppositely, the IOC market orders make sure a partial or complete execution in a powerfully trending stock, which has significantly high purchasing demand.

I Hope, this article provides a comprehensive notion of IOC in Upstox and other relevant information. Do you have some questions in mind? Kindly let us know! We will be happy to help you!

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