Top 5 Post Office Saving Scheme for Boy Child

Investment is the best policy to secure your family’s future. Indian post offices have been helping the residents boost their investment habits! Hence, such an investment scheme is the most thoughtful and safest decision to save up for your kiddo’s future. As far as saving schemes are concerned, girls can avail of premium amenities. 

But, is there any scheme for boys? You will be happy to know that some fantastic post office saving schemes are too for your baby boy. Numerous effective schemes have been recently come out to benefit boy children in India. 

You could be from any part of India, and, hence, such schemes are available throughout all the country post offices. Therefore, these provide massive interest rates on deposits, and you can avail yourself without any risk! 

So, in today’s article, we will diligently talk about the benefits and types of famous saving schemes to safeguard your boy’s future.      

Crucial Parts of Investing in These Schemes

During the last few years, the Indian Post Office has offered myriad saving schemes to its account holders. So, various enticing saving schemes have already been launched in India, which will surely benefit your boy child. Let’s look at the best part of investing in such schemes.

  • It is hassle-free to open a post office saving scheme account as it is located in every city.
  • You need to open up an account by depositing Rs. 500, and will be getting a reasonable rate of interest. However, it is subject to annual variation in terms of the recent market.
  • Post Offices adopted digitalization so that people can keep their eyes on transactions sitting relax on their couches. 

Post Office Saving Scheme for Boy Child

Post Office Saving Scheme for Boy Child

A few postal schemes are available for securing a boy child’s future. So, you can rely on these schemes for investment. The top 5 schemes are discussing below for your convenience:

1. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS)

POMIS is said to be the secure post office scheme in the country. This is due to seamless returns, and investments fall under the tracking system of the Indian Government. So, these are perfectly organized. It ensures the investor gains hassle-free monthly payments based on the given investment amount.   

You can start such a scheme for your boy child. For that, you need to open a joint monthly income scheme account, which will be merged with yours too! 

So, under this top-notch monthly income scheme, there could never be any risk of non-return investment on the capital. It entitles the investor, like you, to get an ensured monthly return amount. Such return rates will be comparatively higher against a savings account. 

[N.B: Minors – individuals with a minimum age of 10 years can avail of the scheme. You shouldn’t be more than 18 years!]

2. Ponmagan Podhuvaippu Nidhi Scheme

The Tamil Nadu State Government came up with an exemplary scheme for the boy child of India, the Ponmagan Podhuvaippu Nidhi Scheme. This baby boy scheme doesn’t need any specific time to open. But, make sure your baby boy is less than 10 years old to get benefited from the scheme. 

Therefore, as per the parent’s capability, they can create an account by depositing a minimum of Rs. 500, and a maximum amount of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs. However, the best baby boy saving scheme was launched after receiving enormous appeals and requests from the commoners. The salient features of Ponmagan are shown below:

  • The interest rate keeps on changing every year based on the market conditions and government policies.
  • The depositor parent can utilize the scheme to avail of the best loan for the given time frame. However, you are entitled to get the loan facility after it has been 4 years from when the account has created.

3. Public Provident fund 

It is a significant investment scheme targeted at tax-saving after its inception in 1968. So, being an investor, you can keep investing in this fund and availing of the scheme benefits for an entire time frame of 15 years. 

However, one of the significant amenities of such a scheme is that individuals can claim several income tax advantages, which fall under the scheme’s category. As per the PPF rules and regulations, only a legal guardian of the boy child can open this Public Provident Fund. 

4. Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)

KVP has been a popular choice for middle-class and lower-middle-class families, which has started its journey in 1988. Being a very secure and valuable investment scheme for the boy child, it has come back after a short period of discontinuation in 2011. 

So, such a scheme is a top-notch savings criterion for those who are thinking of depositing lump sum amounts yearly. This is how gaining interest at an exclusive rate, which is predetermined. Besides being a successful government investment plan, this KVP scheme can be opened on behalf of the minor male child by the legal parents. 

So, in a nutshell, the scheme can be issued in denominations of the amounts, for example, Rs. 1000, 5000, 10000, or 50000. There is no upper criterion or limit of investment. However, the minimum limit is Rs. 1000 to open an account. 

5. Post Office Recurring Deposit

Indian Post Office provides extraordinary recurring deposit account similar to the banks. Therefore, it offers its customers the best option to create a 5-years Post Office Recurring Deposit account under its monthly saving category. 

Hence, the legal guardian of the minor boy child can monthly invest their hard-earned savings. This is how they will earn a significant and attractive interest in it. The minor child’s parent can open the joint account here to achieve all the benefits from the RD scheme. 

Benefits of Investing in Post Office Saving Schemes

  • Minimum Documentation: Post Office saving schemes offer seamless documentation and rapid procedure. Hence, it facilitates investors to enter into such investments.
  • Different Schemes: The saving schemes consist of various profitable schemes for securing futures. So, individuals can select anyone as per their requirements. Moreover, they can choose various schemes for diverse investment or financial needs.
  • Risk-free: All the saving schemes offered by the Indian Post Office are entirely risk-free. Therefore, these are the secured schemes for investment. 
  • Perfect for long-term objectives: PPF is one of the post office schemes, offering long-term investments for a maximum of 15 years. Such a scheme will benefit your baby boy and ideal for retirement and fulfilling any financial goals. 
  • Accessibility: Post Offices are widely accessible to all parts of the country due to the availability of 1.5 lacs branches. So, anyone can avail various schemes in the rural area with ease.


These are the top post office saving schemes for boy children mentioned above, solely offered and managed by Indian Post Offices. Here, you can enroll yourself and the minor boy child under any scheme, which seems suitable and profitable to you! 

Saving money is a necessity. So, when it comes to your child’s better future, you should save money for the reasons, including education, career, marriage, and so on. 

Whatever the possible causes, investing money in any one of the aforementioned schemes will be beneficial. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out which suits your needs. Start investing straight away!        

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