What is UCC ID in Upstox? How to Find It?

Are you an avid Upstox user? You should have known what represents UCC ID here! Or, are you a novice, started trading a few days back? This article has some great answers to all your questions! However, UCC is abbreviated as Unique Client Code.

More precisely, it is an alphanumeric representation of your Demat account. If you are one of those experienced brokers, you might also like to summon it as “Beneficial Owner Identification Number,” in short, BOID.

Therefore, UCC in Upstox has something identical meaning and is assigned to every client. You are likely to be a novice in this trading platform if you are reading this! So, if you are unaware of the UCC ID in Upstox, let’s cut to the chase by starting it right away.

About Upstox


Before digging deeper into this article, there is a brief of the broker. Upstox is a leading Mumbai-based discount broker, launched in 2016, which offers enormous trade in BSE, NSE, and MCX. Hence, you can seamlessly trade in commodities, currency, equity, and derivatives through brokers.

Moreover, you can also propagate your trading portfolio by purchasing IPO, Digital Gold, and Mutual Funds from countless options. Such a top-notch platform offers charting, limitless price alert, analysis, financial data, and so on for rich trading amenities. It helps you make better decisions to facilitate information and seamless investing.  

Hence, you may also check out numerous video series on YouTube to understand cost-efficient brokerage plans. In brief, Upstox is a highly credible solution among online stockbrokers available on mobile and web versions.

What is UCC ID in Upstox?

The UCC ID in Upstox is like knowing your client (KYC). It is a leading identification, which is quite general in the banking sector. As mentioned earlier, UCC represents Unique Client Code or an account in the brokerage database.

It is also known as Upstox user ID, Upstox login ID, Upstox Client ID. In simple terms, it offers the user license to trade and an address to send and receive emails quickly. After completing the documentation part regarding the creation of the Demat account on Upstox, it will take approximately 2 working days to receive the UCC ID and password through SMS and email.

Upstox, the best Indian discount broker, has over 5 lakh clients. Hence, it has numerous responsibilities to fulfill. It has mitigated the most prominent privacy concerns for each client by providing them with a UCC ID.

Now, every user can easily trade through Upstox. This UCC ID in Upstox will be different for everyone as it is a powerful tool for every client’s identity. This exclusive UCC ID in the Upstox is a unique 6-digit number given when you open an account.

Therefore, it is inevitable for Upstox Trading. A generic example of Upstox UCC ID is “240001.” Additionally, this UCC ID of Upstox helps the service provider analyze the user’s fund’s distribution and account portfolio. UCC ID requires the below-mentioned documents from clients:

  • PAN Numbers
  • Email ID
  • TM/CM code
  • DOB
  • Mobile number

Nevertheless, the best concept of understanding UCC ID with the Upstox Demat account is relatively new in this field. SEBI has implemented this norm in its 2019’s circular. Hence, it helps streamline the working of an early warning mechanism to identify the stockbroker’s diversion of the client’s securities. 

How to Find My UCC ID in Upstox?

Have you forgot your UCC ID and unable to recall it? Upstox helps you retrieve the ID using the “Forgot User ID” link on its sign-in screen. Additionally, using your PAN, registered email, and mobile number can also be retrieved easily. After hitting the “forget ID” option, Upstox will quickly send you that user ID by filling in CAPTCHA details.

How to Find My UCC ID in Upstox


Are you an existing customer or a new one in Upstox? Whoever you are, you should be well-acquainted with the UCC ID to get started. It’s expected that we can successfully mitigate the confusion you had with Upstox unique client ID.

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