IPO Advantages and Disadvantages for Investors

IPOs have become one of the significant buzzes in today’s stock market. Most investors talk about initial public offerings, and they love to invest money in them. Recently we saw the craze of investors during Zomato IPOs. And from that time, we notice more and more people are willing to learn about the benefits and disadvantages of investing in an initial public offering.

Hence, in today’s article, we will talk about IPO and its advantages and disadvantages. If you are also willing to learn the same with proper insights. It’s an article; you should read from top to bottom and help clear your doubt.

What is an IPO?

IPO or initial public offering is the buzz in the current scenario among investors. Recently, investors made lots of money during Zomato IPOs. Whereas some of them also met with loss during Paytm IPOs. Hence, it’s obvious to ask “what are the IPOs” and invest in these securities.

When companies get listed in the stock market and ask the public to invest in their company for the first time based on equity percentage, it’s called IPO. IPOs are the first sale of the company’s stocks when it goes public in the share market. Here the company shares the ownership right concerning the invested money by the investor. When investors buy the IPOs of the company, they become the shareholders and get ownership rights on their shares.

Now let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of investing in IPOs of companies.

Advantages of IPO

First, let’s understand the advantages of investing in an initial public offering for investors. Here we will discuss basic but essential terms that you must make sure of during investing in IPOs.

1. Opportunity to Make Smart Decision On Early Stage

IPOs are the very first ask of the company. Here they look for investors to raise some funds for the very first time in the stock market. It can provide you with a short time and long time benefits in terms of a good return.

However, you will require proper analysis and decide on the investment amount. Because when you do it and choose the right company to invest in their IPOs. You can increase your wealth with the company’s growth where you invested money.

2. Long Term Benefits

Whenever a company raises their fund using IPOs, they mainly work on technology and marketing. And it can provide you with significant results in the long term and help you make good money. Generally, IPOs are launched at a discounted price and with the company’s growth and profitability. The valuation per share keeps increasing in proportion to the company’s growth.

Hence, if you have taken a significant amount of IPOs of a company and it’s working well. In that case, you can benefit yourself with the excellent return value. Many investors also invest in an initial public offering to take advantage of it during post-retirement life.

3. Transparent Pricing

You can find the pricing details in the company’s prospectus issuing the IPOs. If you need more information about the price details of the IPO, you are willing to invest. You can consider checking the prospectus issued by the company. There you can get helpful information about the valuation and other details.

And all these things help you understand whether you should invest or not. In short, the pricing of the IPOs depends upon the market scenarios, and you also get the correct information from the company.

4. Good for Small Investors

Generally, the IPOs are issued at a discounted price for the investors. And when a significant company issues the initial public offering at a discounted price and keeps making a profit for a long time. There are higher chances you make a significant return from the small amount of investment.

Hence, if you are a small investor and finding a killer deal to invest in the stock market. It’s good to find a good company issuing an IPO and make your investment decision. But before you invest in any company’s IPO, you should make sure you read the disadvantages of IPOs for investors.

Disadvantages of IPO

Let’s also discuss the disadvantages of investing in IPOs for investors.

1. Require Proper Time and Research

When you wish to invest in the IPO of any company, you need to do in-depth research. Also, there are minimal resources to get proper insights about the company and its performance. However, you can go through the prospectus, but still, it’s a time taking task. And it will surely take your hours and make you feel challenged to understand.

2. Privacy May Be At Risk

Privacy is another limitation you see while investing in an initial public offering. Here, the company can ask you to provide lots of personal information and do paperwork. However, now most investing processes run through the internet, but still, it can ask you lots of information. If you feel free to give the company such information, you can invest in IPOs.

3. Risky Investment Option

Nowadays, many investors think they will buy an IPO and sell it after a few days. So, they can gain some short-term profit and increase their wealth in the portfolio. In many cases, these investors gain profit, but they also suffer from massive losses in some cases. If you are investing in the very first offering in the company. You are also putting yourself at significant risk.

If you talk about Paytm IPO, investors face huge losses on their invested money. Even the company was also not happy with the performance of their initial public offering. If you are an investor in a stock market and willing to bear the risk of investing in such shares. You should also diversify your risk level with other profitable stocks.


So, in this article, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of IPOs for investors. IPOs are the company’s very first offering; it also comes into the market with a discount rate, and it’s cost-effective stock to invest in. Hence, if you find a good company that keeps making money for many years. In that case, your wealth creation process will also increase at a high percentage. And you will be fulfilling your long-term goals with the help of IPO investment.

In short, IPO investing is a risky but less risky investment option in the share market. It’s suitable for small and medium investors as well. But whenever you think about investing in any company, you should do proper research and make data-driven decisions.

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