Upstox Review 2024 – Features, Charges, Pros & Cons

Upstox is one of India’s tech-first low-cost brokerage firms offering a top-class stock trading facility to traders willing to trade in the stock market. This discount broker is known for its unbeatable brokerage and service charges and reliable trading experience. It allows investors and traders to invest in various market securities like equities, currencies, futures, options, and commodities. It has officially introduced web-based and mobile-based applications to give seamless trading facilities to its customers.

Upstox is backed by leading investors like Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital, and GVK Davix, ensuring its credibility and rich features. This trading platform comes with various analytical tools, charting, and other crucial features. It has mobile and web-based platforms to access similar features without facing technical errors. Moreover, Upstox has built its trading platform on Omnesys NEST OMS and Omnesys NEST RMS to enhance user experience.

Read this article to learn more about this trading platform available in India and used by many experienced traders and investors in the Indian stock market.

Upstox Review

Types of Accounts Offered by Upstox

Upstox, one of the best stock trading platforms, provides a 3-in-1 account facility to its traders in collaboration with Indusind bank. It provides Demat, trading, and saving accounts bundled in a single package. The savings account gets opened with a zero account balance, and you earn interest on the deposited fund. It also provides up to 6x reward points if you spend Rs 200 per transaction through a debit card.

There are many benefits of using its 3-in-1 account, such as it provides brokerage credit of up to Rs 1,000, requires no minimum account balance, and earns interest on the allocated fund in its savings account. Moreover, its savings account allows you to choose a desired account number and charges zero brokerage commission on delivery trading.

What are the Upstox Trading Charges?

Let’s know the service charges levied by this leading discount broker in India.

Account Opening Charges

It does not charge any fee for opening an online trading account. However, there is a Rs 400 fee for opening a Demat account. Also, the account maintenance charges are nil for the first year, and from the second year, it is billed Rs 150 yearly.

Brokerage Charges

  • It charges Rs 20 or 0.1%, whichever is lower per executed trade for equity delivery.
  • The intraday brokerage charge is Rs 20 per executed order or 0.05%, whichever lower is applicable.
  • For F&O, it charges Rs 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per executed trade.
  • The currency brokerage charge for this stock broker is Rs 20 or 0.05%, whichever is less.
  • It charges Rs 20 or 0.05% per executed trade on commodity trades.
  • It charges Rs 20 extra per order on call & trade feature.
  • It levies Rs 25 per contract note for physical contract notes.
  • For instant money transfers, it charges Rs 7 per transaction.

How to Open an Account on Upstox?

Upstox provides online and offline methods to open your Demat and trading account with its trading platform. If you opt for the online account opening process, you will require an Aadhaar Card along with a linked mobile number to verify and authenticate the details. Although, you will be required to fill out the offline form if you don’t have an Aadhaar Card linked with a mobile number. In both cases, you will require common documents like PAN Card, Signature Photo, Latest Photograph, Income Proof, and Aadhaar Card.

Once you gather these documents, follow the below-mentioned steps to open your account with Upstox.

  • Visit the official website of Upstox and complete the signup process.
  • Enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP; the process is straightforward.
  • Add personal details like name, age, marital status, and other basic things the form asks you to enter.
  • Choose your trading preferences to trade in the ideal securities of your choice.
  • After selecting it, it will ask you to add bank details and verify them.
  • The form asks you to authenticate the form and add the KYC documents we discussed above.
  • Once you enter all the documents, cross-check and hit the submit button.

If the process is completed accurately and details are verified, your Upstox account will get created within 24 to 48 hours. 

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Upstox Trading Platforms

Upstox (RKSV) has provided various tools for its traders to provide real-time insights, analytics, and secure trading experience to verified traders and investors on its platform. Below are brief details about the platforms available from this leading stock broker in India.

Upstox Trading Platform

Web Trading Platform

Upstox Pro Web is the official platform offering a range of trading features, such as technical indicators and hotkeys, for an efficient trading process. It also provides many other features like options to add over 100 indicators in the shown chart, features to observe the market trades, and some assistance to help traders trade easily.

Upstox Mobile Application

Upstox Pro Mobile is its mobile application offering trading facilities for Android and iOS mobile users. It has features to trade in multiple segments, such as NSE cash, F&O, and currencies. It also features real-time technical indicators and charts to give relevant insights before making a trade. It has also enhanced smart lists, filters, and daily market update features to ensure traders get timely notifications. It also has some professionally designed strategies that you can use to make a profit with little risk.

Advantages of Upstox

Below are some noticeable benefits of using Upstox’s trading service.

  • It has Rs 0 account maintenance charges.
  • It put Rs 20 flat on each executed trade for all trading segments, including intraday and F&O.
  • There are not any mobile app or platform usage charges.
  • The aftermarket (AMO) and cover of both features are available in its application.
  • Both platform and the mobile app come with SL or stop-loss features.
  • It provides a 3-in-1 account, a trading, Demat, and Indusind bank savings account.
  • There is a good-toll-triggered order feature available for equity and commodity.
  • It has a large collection of various mutual fund investments.
  • This stock broker provides a margin against the share facility.

Disadvantages of Upstox

There are certain disadvantages of using Upstox’s stock trading services, such as:

  • It does not provide an online IPO application facility.
  • Most discount brokers do not charge for equity delivery, but it charges Rs 20 per executed trade.
  • It does not provide any unlimited monthly trading subscription plan to its traders.
  • It charges Rs 20 per executed trade on call and trade, along with a brokerage charge of Rs 20.
  • This stock broker does not provide any stock trading tips or suggestions.
  • Customer support is active during certain business hours.
  • This stock broker does not facilitate any API access to conduct automated trading.


Upstox is one of the best stock brokers in India and is backed by leading investors such as Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital, and GVK Davix. Also, it has reliable and efficient web-based platforms and mobile applications, making it easier to trade in the stock market for traders and investors of this platform. If you were also looking for a reliable stock broker that charges a low brokerage fee and provides top-notch trading facilities and super-fast customer support, Upstox could be an ideal platform to look for.

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